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CA resident looking for a job in NM

  1. 0 Hi everyone.. I currently live in CA. I'm a foreign grad.. Its very hard to apply for a license here in CA if you're a foreign grad so I applied in NM and I was able to get my att and passed my NCLEX fortunately. Now, I'm considering to move there so I can practice my RN. Is it hard to find a job there?I've been working as LVN here CA for 3yrs.. So far my experience are in SNF, hospice, homehealth and Sub Acute..What's the possibility for me to get a job there? Nsg home or home health would be great but hospital job would be better.. Help pls? 😁
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    NM has great opportunities for nurses. Good luck!
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    Really? Can you give me a specific place? how about albuquerque?
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    You have good chances in Las Cruces. Albuquerque is ok too, but I think they graduate more nurses and it is a more desirable location.
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    Thank you so much for the info ☺
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    Las Cruces, there are two hospitals that are hiring
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    Hello Johny.. when did you took your NCLEX? Have you found a job yet? goodluck.. I'm also looking forward to find a job in NV as a foreign grad.
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    Hi Konoha,

    I took my NCLEX on first week of August.. How about you? Is it hard to apply in NV BRN? Im planning to endorse my license there so i'll be closer here in CA..
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    I took it just days ago. anyways, it was not that hard to apply in NV, they are even friendly when you call them, unlike the BON here in CA. Im not sure about the endorsement though. I've heard there's a good nursing market in NM. goodluck. keep us posted with your reciprocity application here in CAli
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    CA BRN denied my application 😔

    My analyst told me that I have to apply to an accredited nursing program and it's to the school if they would credit my previous education...

    So depressing 😔
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    Oooh my Cali is really too strict imposing rules.. I guess let's just make d best of our time in whichever state we are licensed. Goodluck johhny.. thanks for d update
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    Are u going to work in Vegas? I'm thinking to just endorse my license there so I can still stay here in CA..
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    NV is not a compact state, so I think it might be harder to endorse there. YOu have to get a fingerprint card/check by the sherrifs dept, at work card, a drug card, etc... lots of hoops to jump thru. It took my daughter 5 months to get a job!

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