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Hi everyone.. I currently live in CA. I'm a foreign grad.. Its very hard to apply for a license here in CA if you're a foreign grad so I applied in NM and I was able to get my att and passed my NCLEX... Read More

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    I am aware that Nevada is not a compact state. Thank you.. And even I have license on 1 compact state, i dont have a privilege to be licensed to 26 states coz NM is not my home state right now
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    Of course Johnny Id be working in LV soon, hopefully I should say. Thats why they said if u took d nclex for that state u must be planning on working there.. Best of luck, hopefully we'll be hired soon..
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    Konoha yeah I saw some of your posting in Nevada section. I'm actually thinking to endorse my license there so i can try to find a job somewhere closer here in CA.

    Good luck 😁
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    Hi, how is your job hunting in New Mexico?

    I have a feeling that Nevada has a very tough market as well. Because lots of CA nurses who cannot find a job move to Nevada. After all, it is only 4 hour trip.
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    I'm from NY and is considering moving to NM for the job opportunities there. Do I need to be endorsed to get licensed there? Does anyone know if I can start the process while still in NY. Any feedback much appreciated.
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    You can start the process while in NY. If NY is not a compact state you will have to get endorsed.
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    Thank you for that information...i received a perspective job offer in NM so hopefully they will endorse me and take it from there.
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    anyone who knows any hospitals or facilities accept newly license from florida but willing to relocate in NM.hoping for info.thanks in advance.
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    Hey there! I'm a graduating CA BSN student this December and was wondering if NM is new grad-friendly. I'm looking for ICU Jobs and would prefer to be with a VA hospital since Im in my internship this summer with them, but at this point I'm open to anything.

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