Best area to relocate?

  1. I graduate from my RN-to-BSN program this May and would like to relocate to New Mexico in the summer. Does anyone, who is living in New Mexico, have any suggestion as to the best area to relocate - as far as job openings go for newish grads? Thankyou! Your advice is much appreciated.
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  3. by   medicmatt44
    I don't want to rain on your parade but...

    There are 100s of unemployed new grads here in the metro Albuquerque area.

    I am an unemployed Respiratory Therapist who moved to ABQ from Buffalo, NY- applied to over 30 RT positions with no hire, even though I have more critical care RT experience than most RT's here.

    Also- I have applied for 15 Nursing Tech positions with no hire. I am a medic in the Army Reserves, along with being a second semester ADN student.

    Long story short- unless you know someone (and I know multiple people) I wouldn't have much faith in obtaining a job in ABQ.

    If you were willing to work in Gallup, Roswell, or remote facilities then you might have an opportunity.

    I anticipate packing my belongings and relocating once I graduate.

    You have a betetr chance since I presume that you have been working as a RN while completing your BSN. Apply and see what happens.

  4. by   shaylyns
    I would think either Albuquerque or Rio Rancho area,or southern part of the state, Las Cruces
  5. by   silverbat
    There are RN jobs in Nursing facilities in Farmington/Gallup/Grants areas.