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    Anyone know of an ACLS Class in the albuquerque are the ned of April and sometime in May? I took my first one there a few years agao and enjoyed it a LOT more then the last one I took two years ago.

    My card is expiring and I really need a trip out of town!

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance.


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    Here you go. It looks like Presbyterian Healthcare is the place you're looking for.
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    Thank you.... I will check it out. I really appreciate it and I will let you know what is up.
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    No problem...have a great time!
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    I could not get that specific link to come up. I will call American Heart on Monday and find out what I can.
    It says I do not have access to that link.

    Do ou show a list of classes at pres.? Do you possibly have the dates?

    Thanks again.
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    I work at Pres, I think you have to be an employee to access that part of the website. You can call Clinical Education 291-5392, there is a class May 4, and May 26. I think non-employees can take it, but I am not sure.

    Good luck
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    Thanks rpbear: I did get the number for Pres. through the American Heart website. Unfortunately, the Ma 4th class is full
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    Check with some of the fire depts there, they usually have classes running frequently; as well as the larger ambulance companies.
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    I got mine at ARMC (Albuquerque Regional Hospital) formerly St. Joe's. They hold classes frequently and are quick to get you in and out! Good luck.
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    If you don't mind driving a bit "ProAction" in El Paso has classes about every quarter. They are easy to deal with and, like a previous poster said, quick to get you in and get you out.

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