When to Renew License?

  1. Hi NJ Nurses,

    So I got my BSN and was licensed in 2012 and my license expires 05/31/2014, which is 2 months away. I've completed 30+ contact hours for my licensing period as well. Should I renew online now? How soon should I renew and how long does it usually take for the BON to mail out my new license? When is it considered too late to renew before the expiration? This is my first time renewing, so any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Toyota LPN
    My license expires on May 31,too. I obtained My license psw, but when I tried log in via their website, it would not work, because It does not say anything about RN/LPN after you try to use NJ bon online license renewal webpage. I called to NJ BON on March 5, 2014 and they told me that they are going to mail letters with instructions in this months to every nurse whose license is due for renewal. NJ Bon operator told me, we can't renew it until we get those renewal letter. I would call them by the end of this month and check it out, if I do not get a letter.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Last year the renewal letters were sent out mid to late March. You need the access code from the letter to log in. Make certain your required 30 CEUs will be complete on or before 5/31 of your renewal year as the BoN has increased audits of CEU compliance due to licensees claiming they have/will complete 30 CEUs when they have none done. Fines. & sanctions issued for noncompliance.
  5. by   Flare
    i'm getting antsy, because i feel like i should have gotten my letter with my pin and log in by now to renew. I just like to get it over with.
  6. by   lmccrn62
    Don't forget your contact hours that is mandatory for organ donation. It's a new requirement this time around.
  7. by   froggg123
    Dose anyone have any links for CE's or the Organ Donation requirement?
  8. by   Flare
    Here ya go - a page with a few links: (one being free )