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Very curious....I live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Also, do you think it's professional to negotiate your first offer?... Read More

  1. by   berttravels
    Wanted to update this thread since many posts are old. I was offered $33.64/hr base pay plus $3 night diff, $1.50 weekend diff. This is at a major hospital in Northern NJ. Believe it or not... associates degree new grad. It can be done!
  2. by   Jensmom7
    And that's one reason some of us "old fossils" give new grads side eye, especially the ones who TREAT us like old fossils. I'm Hospice, salaried, but it works out to less than what you get hourly, and we get a whopping $20/day to be back up on call. BSN for 36 years.

    However, to be honest, there's very little stress, I very rarely have to work past my scheduled work day, and I'm 10 minutes from home. At this point in my career, it's all good.
  3. by   berttravels
    I'm sorry you felt like new grads treated you like a fossil. This isn't my first hospital gig, and the more seasoned nurses (the term we used, not fossil) had nothing but the most respect from everyone on the unit. They are seen as role models and nothing less.
  4. by   zmom23
    @berttravels I am a new grad with Associate's degree looking for a job in Northern NJ. Any good tips? It seems like you accomplished the impossible. How long did it take? Do you know which hospitals are new grad friendly?
  5. by   strawberryluv
    New grad nurse just got hired in a LTC facility. Was offered $27.52/hour and I didn't negotiate. I think its what is the norm around here. I was told that my facility pays $1 more than most nursing homes within a 5-mile radius. Sure....
  6. by   Nurse Jenn
    Updating this again since it's been a couple months. I was offered a position at a major hospital in Northern NJ, base pay is $31.35 plus $4 night diff and $2 weekend diff.
  7. by   katrine24
    hello! I undertand that this post was 3 yrs ago but I want to know which institute were you mentioned? thanks! I am looking for New grad RN jobs here in NJ as well.
  8. by   JasonBuzestes
    It depends on the unit and hospital you are in. In the Philly/NJ area, salaries are a little higher than average but I'm not sure how it works out when you factor in the higher cost of living.

    As a new grad, there isn't much room to negotiate salary. Not only are there a ton of new grads who would be happy to take the job at the offered salary, you don't have and "career capital" that you can use to negotiate a higher salary and part of the reason new hrad salaries are lower is because the hospital has to spend money to train you. Once you get some experience you will be able to make an argument for a higher salary based on merit but as a new grad its hard enough to convince them you are ready to start working as an RN, let alone that you deserve a higher salary!

    That said, its not impossible. If you work really hard from day one an impress your nurse manager, you can argue that you are performing similar to higher paid, more experienced nurses and would like to be compensated similarly as well. It not something I would bring up in an interview however unless you are offered a salary significantly lower than similar positions. That of course requires you to KNOW the salary of similar posisitons which is hard because people don't like to talk about their pay and I've noticed in nursing specifically you get a lot of "you shouldn't be in this for the money" if you DARE mention salary, which is stupid because salary is ONE of the most important aspects of a job!
  9. by   JasonBuzestes
    There is definitely a significant difference depending on what unit you work in. The SICU at a Lv 1 Trauma Center is going to pay a lot more than a nursing home or hospice, for a number of reasons.

    Idk how old you are but if you are able to live with your parents for a couple years, that's an extra $1000 a month in your pocket (assuming they don't charge you rent!). Spend a year or two at home for your first job and then use that $24 grand to support the transition to a better job/location if you want to go somewhere else.

    Salary is important, but even for your first job don't discount the value of working somewhere that's easy to get to and on a unit you are interested in! Starting as a new RN can be very stressful and it doesn't hep if you have to sit in traffic for an hour every day and work in a unit you don't like. That said, you options are limited as a new grad so its a tough balance.
  10. by   Helloeverybody
    I don't think it's a good idea to negotiate your first salary unless it was very low. Check out salaries on indeed or glassdoor.
  11. by   Carb
    Quote from Helloeverybody
    I don't think it's a good idea to negotiate your first salary unless it was very low. Check out salaries on indeed or glassdoor.
    What is very low? I got an offer of 25$ at northern nj. Is that considered very low? Im new grad no exp
  12. by   jamesnoon
    yep that is low . dont accept anything less than 29
  13. by   jaydeeum
    My wife makes $19 an hour as a mere phlebotomist. $19 for an RN is spit at them, curse them and walk away money. Live on the border in WW state and drive into British Columbia and you'll make 3x as much money.

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