what is best rn school in jersey?

  1. 0 I think according to news it is Rutgers New Brunswick.. any other rankings? Does Princeton have nursing. Is it worth the price to go to a better rated private school? Us Rutgers Newark really less respected than new Brunswick?
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    US News & World Report ranks colleges based on SAT scores of the entering freshmen and percentage of applicants the school accepts. Schools do a lot of marketing in order to boost applications, have more high-scoring students to accept, and therefore move up on USN&WR's list. So just because a school is high on that list doesn't mean the quality of education is better at that school, it just means they accepted a lower % of applicants and those applicants had higher SAT scores than other schools' freshmen. All nursing grads take the same NCLEX, and nursing education is fairly standardized. Paying double, triple, or more for a private school isn't going to buy you a better education than your state university system. Student debt can cripple you for life, so the best way to choose a nursing school is going with your most affordable option. Also, it's an advantage to go to nursing school in the geographic area where you'd like to work afterwards because you'll make connections during clinical.

    Princeton does not have a nursing program. Here is a list of the available majors at that school as per their own website:
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    Thank you! Yes, I find only usnews that even shows a rank. I came up with these somewhat affordable schools in NJ, some have the accelerated, some do not.
    college of new jersey
    thomas edison college
    new jersey city university
    rutgers newark or new brunswick

    was also going to check kean, and considering downstate in NY. NOT looking to go broke over nursing school though I know the state schools are sometimes hard to get into.
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    Hello, what type of an RN school are you looking for? ADN,BSN, accelerated BSN or diploma.
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    Hello! ideally accelerated BSN, but thinking of applying to regular BSN as well though I have an undergrad BS degree. How about you? so far just applied to rutgers.

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