NJ License by Endorsement 2024 (+CES Info)

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I wanted to share this for those who might be going through the same situation and feeling a little lost.


My situation:
I passed my NCLEX on March 25, 2024 and got my license number from New York on April 3, 2024. Soon after I decided to start applying to New Grad jobs just to get ahead of the curve so I could beat the nursing students who are graduating soon from picking up the spots. I was applying for jobs in New Jersey because it is the state I reside.
The only reason I got my license in New York is because I was a foreign educated nurse (Philippines), they did not require me to take the TOEFL/IELTS, and from what I've heard from other students they said processing in New York for ATT was faster than New Jersey (I'm not sure if that is true).
Anyways, I quickly (and surprisingly) got a response back and was given the offer for the job that I wanted (Operating Room). They asked me if I was going to be able to get my NJ license by May 6. I answered that I could try to do it by then. They told me if I was not able to get it by May 6, my start date would be pushed to the first week of September, which would be 4 months of not working as a nurse.
During the processing of my other onboarding paper work, I received an email that my deadline to submit my NJ nursing license number by April 28 which literally gave me 3.5 weeks from the day I found out.

My Solution with Costs:
Applied and Paid for my License Endorsement Application Online - April 4, 2024 ($200)

  • Submit ALL documents you can on the same day you pay for the application: Passport, Driver's License, Passport Photo ID

Paid for Nursys to send my NY license to NJ BON - April 4, 2024 ($30)
Booked and Paid for the Criminal Background Check - April 12, 2024 ($69)

  • NJ BON received the Criminal Background Check on April 15, 2024

~Paid for CES from CGFNS - April 9,2024 ($485)~
~Paid for Expedite Review of CES from CGFNS - April 17, 2024 ($425)~

  • Time gap from April 9-17 was due to the wait I had to endure for my High School to send my High School Transcript to CGFNS by mail. I had lost my High School diploma so this was the alternative option I had. I requested my High School transcript to be sent on April 8, 2024 and it was received by CGFNS on April 17, 2024
  • Call rep. told me that to reduce chances of delay in the processing, some evaluators would want "supporting documents" to explain why I didn't have a nursing license in the country of my education. My explanation being I did not intend to practice there. She instructed me to upload scans of my passport showing the stamps of when I entered the country for my education and when I ultimately left (Should be somewhat aligned to the dates you were studying there)
  • CES Issued on April 20, 2024

Consistently called NJ BON to see what documents they received from me and what I was missing. Once, I got confirmed that they had all my documents except for the CES, the call rep. told me to upload the "CES Report Issued Summary" so they had receipt of it at least. I did this when CGFNS said my CES Report was Issued.
Once I knew they had everything, I traveled to NJ BON in Newark on April 25, 2024 (About 4 days after receiving the "Report Issued" notice from CGFNS) and went to go "Check the Status" of my application. I filled out 2 additional documents mainly on education and nursing license from NY. I waited there for about 10-15 minutes until the receptionist told me I would get my nursing license number online in about 1 hour on the online application and the physical copy would be mailed within 1 week!

Good luck to those who are doing endorsing!

I already endorsed.  Waiting for my license.  It was issued 22nd April 2024. How long did you wait to get the hard copy mailed to you?


Hello, Miss Ashley. Good Day! I am in the same situation as you are. A Filipino graduate residing in NJ (Green Card Holder) who did not take local boards, applied, and recently passed NCLEX-RN in NY. I am currently working toward endorsement, but the problem is, I don't know the exact steps to take. Hopefully, I can have any to contact you because I believe you would help me a lot. Thank you very much, Miss Ashley, and God Bless! 

Steph90 said:

I already endorsed.  Waiting for my license.  It was issued 22nd April 2024. How long did you wait to get the hard copy mailed to you?


Update: Got my hardcopy 10 business days from the day my license became active. 


Thank you so much for this! Going through the endorsement process right now and it's a bit stressful and confusing. Will the CES be enough or do I still need to send NJ BON a copy of my transcript? (I loved that I didn't have to do the CGFNS stuff when I applied for my NY license. Can't believe that I have to go through it this time for NJ. )

Also, will they be sending me instructions on the process of the criminal background check or am I supposed to figure it out on my own?


I sent my transcript, and they will send you an instruction through your email for scheduling of your crimial background check. 

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