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UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Spring 2013

  1. 0 Anyone applying? NursingCAS is so frustrating!!
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    Hi CCaralain, I am also applying to UMDNJ Spring 2013 . NursingCas and transcript entries Wow..Anyway are you applying for Newark or Stratford campus.
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    Hi there,

    I also applied to UMDNJ (Newark) for Spring 2013. Would be interested in hearing about how you found the process. Nursing CAS was a bit of a pain but no where near as bad as I magined.
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    So did anyone get anything in the mail yet? After all Nursing Cas was not that badd. Only thing I got was an email from scholl stating to fax in BLS certification that was a day after deadline date. So How about everyone else denial or acceptance letters Please let me know
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    Quote from CCaralain
    Anyone applying? NursingCAS is so frustrating!!
    havent heard anything yet, im checking the mail everyday lol but nothing. I called the school they said hopefully they will send them out by the end of the month so I guess anytime from now we should be hearing
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    Did you (or anyone else) get a confirmation letter/email/something from UMDNJ telling you that they got your app from NursingCAS??
    I submitted my app on NursingCAS, and that's the last I ever heard.....

    Good luck everyone!
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    Hey iridescence89 i recieved email from school to just fax bls card info so they must have all of our applications sent to them from nursingCas
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    Thanks for the info niciki24.

    I saw on last spring 2011's thread that people started getting decisions as early as the end of Sept too :O
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    Hi everyone! I sent in my application to nursingcas as well but haven't heard anything from UMDNJ.. but i did email them to get the fax number to send my BLS card to. The suspense is killing me !!!
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    I applied to Stratford...nothing yet. I called and was told that we should hear by end of October (I was told Sept originally).I'm so anxious...I am praying I get in.
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    I applied to Newark and i called to see when letters were being sent out and they said the same thing to me.. to give it a couple more weeks. ugh the wait is killing me too
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    Hey new to this forum. I applied for spring 2013 too...I sent them an email asking of my status and they said I should receive something in 2 weeks...later that afternoon they send me an email again asking whether I am interested in newark or stratford. I think this is because I applied to both campuses -_- don't they both offer full time program? I had seen that they just want you to apply to either full time or part time program. Is either of the campus better than the other? I am from NY and so I dont know if theres any difference. I know Newark is like a central location and all. How is the stratford campus? Why did you pick one campus over the other?
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    I applied to Newark b/c i am closer to it than Stratford and more familiar with the area. I think u can only apply to one full time program though, either Newark or Stratford, not both.