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Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same... Read More

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    Hm, well that's strange. Thanks for your help!
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    Quote from AMiner
    Great thanks! I've actually already taken the TEAS when I applied to another school. Do you know if UMDNJ would accept a score from another school? It's the same exam, right? I did really well on it, so it would be kinda nice to be able to just use that score, and not have to take it again.
    They probably will... i have a classmate who already took the TEAS for fairleigh dickinson so when we all took it he didnt have to. We just took it for Summer admission's dunno if they changed it for fall.. probably best advice is talk to prof. collins or debbie when the time comes lol.
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    Quote from piscesgrl389
    They probably will... i have a classmate who already took the TEAS for fairleigh dickinson so when we all took it he didnt have to. We just took it for Summer admission's dunno if they changed it for fall.. probably best advice is talk to prof. collins or debbie when the time comes lol.
    no you still have to take it. Everyone is required to take it.
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    Quote from crmathew
    Thank you Son14! I was contacted again today by them asking for another course syllabus..and they said they are just submitting it for review...has this ever happened to anyone who got accepted? I really want to get into the program! and it would've been nice to know by now so I could look for apartments or something around there but this waiting is killing me
    As long as the courses you would like to transfer is non clinical courses, they ll waive it. However, you can transfer up to six credits. They accepted my pharmacology from previous school. Pathophysiology was denied because it was only 2 credits and umdnj is 3 credits..They wouldn't accept health assessment because it is a clinical course
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    Hi I still havent heard from the admissions people and I have been calling all day to find out whats going on..I finally got someone on the phone and he said that a decision is available but he could not disclose it over the phone. But he asked me whether starting school on the first week of september would be a problem for me. And said that he has to find out whether he can e-mail me. I am just really impatient right now and was wondering if this happened to anyone while trying to hear a decision??
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    Yes, the Admissions department is the worse, in my opinion. School starts in 2 weeks, so I could easily say that you were most likely deferred to the Spring 2012 semester, but I've heard of people being accepted a few days before school starts (due to someone terminating their acceptance). Wait for the email to find out.

    I had applied for the Fall 2010 semester and called and emailed them like crazy, to find out they "lost" some of my info, making my application incomplete and was deferred to the Spring semester. I wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't been OCD on the calling.
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    Thank you so much for replying!! I have been calling like crazy too and the last time they just told me to be patient so I gave it a week hoping I would hear from them soon. From what I heard the orientation was today and not having received anything by now I had lost all hope but the guy asking me if I was okay with classes starting in September has given me some hope again but I really don't want to jump into any conclusions...I really want to be in this program so badly!
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    Here is something that should at least put your mind at ease. If you didn't get a rejection letter, then you're in the program. It's just a matter of will it be this September or January 2012. I thought orientation had already passed for the already accepted students, but like I said people could change their mind and decide to no longer attend UMDNJ, opening the door for someone else to take their place. For him to ask you if you could start this September could mean there was an unexpected opening. However, if that's not the case and you get deferred to Spring, I would advise you to take Pharmacology during your spare time. It's cheaper at the CC and will be transferred over. Trust me when I say, taking one less class is not only good tuition wise, but allows you time for the remaining subjects that require lots of your time. Good luck!
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    Ah Thank you again! That definitely did put my mind at ease! I called again (yea I'm OCD too ) to ask when exactly I will get an e-mail and he said I should receive one by tomorrow! Fingers crossed!! Thank you so much again for taking your time to reply to the post! You have a great day!
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    Hi, I was wondering if you knew which community colleges in NJ offer the pharmacology course.

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    SO I finalllyyyy got the acceptance letter today for Fall 2011! Thank you to everyone who replied to my posts and put a lot of information on this message boards!! Cannot wait to start classes next week!! Still have a lot to do and trying to get everything done one by one..
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    i also just got accepted this past week. YES, lots of scrambling to do with paperwork and all. Then have to secure some funds. Fun stuff! Anyone have an idea how big the cohort is, being that it's the first time there's a Fall group?