UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Fall 2011 - page 7

Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same program. Maybe we could... Read More

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    Was the name Hildee? if so, then yes that's me..

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    Yup!!!!!! nice to meet you Hildee! I am helen!
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    Nice to meet you too Helen.. I am sooo excited because I didn't think I was going to meet anyone on this website who were also starting the program but I'm glad you guys got in.See you guys soon!!!!
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    I believe that should be me about 5 minutes ago...
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    @cosy really?? LOL i dont see any invites. anyway again, it's !!!
    Last edit by HelenRN88 on Jul 13, '11
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    yes, my first name is evelyn.
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    Evelyn, i dont see your invite would you request again???
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    Hi everyone! I am just wondering what your credentials were for those who got in to UMDNJ. I was going to private message this, but since I am a new member I cannot private message anyone yet. So if you are more comfortable with emailing me, my email is I am just so nervous that I still have not heard, and my credentials are all above what they require. Thanks for your response in advance!
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    Hi, I was nervous myself till I received my letter yesterday. I know someone in the summer class who got her letter about a week before first day of class. I believe they are still sending out letters. Some people got their letters in June, since orientation is august 18 there is still time. Just keep praying.....
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    Helen88a, My email address is, I would appreciate anything you want to share. Also, I am not on facebook as of yet (can you believe it? LOL). I will join soon, just trying to tie up loose ends and study for this test on Tuesday.

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