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Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same... Read More

  1. by   cosy
    yes, my first name is evelyn.
  2. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Evelyn, i dont see your invite would you request again???
  3. by   Balyse09
    Hi everyone! I am just wondering what your credentials were for those who got in to UMDNJ. I was going to private message this, but since I am a new member I cannot private message anyone yet. So if you are more comfortable with emailing me, my email is I am just so nervous that I still have not heard, and my credentials are all above what they require. Thanks for your response in advance!
  4. by   cosy
    Hi, I was nervous myself till I received my letter yesterday. I know someone in the summer class who got her letter about a week before first day of class. I believe they are still sending out letters. Some people got their letters in June, since orientation is august 18 there is still time. Just keep praying.....
  5. by   Wanda2370
    Helen88a, My email address is, I would appreciate anything you want to share. Also, I am not on facebook as of yet (can you believe it? LOL). I will join soon, just trying to tie up loose ends and study for this test on Tuesday.
  6. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Hey wanda2370. u really should make facebook and join our group!!!
    also, do u have any information about the exam place, time and stuff? because i called Ms. Pedretti today to confirm my attendance to the program and she said they need at least 10 people to start the program but as of now, they only got 5 peoples responses. So they pushed the date back.....til like 26th? i think. imma call her tomm again to confrim this. so I thought we dont have test next tuesday? idk. gotta call her again and ask her about TEAS exam.
  7. by   Wanda2370
    I just faxed over my intention to participate in the NALC program maybe an hour ago, and called to register for the TEAS exam. I think I am good to go as far as that is concerned. Also, I am going to join facebook today, I have a 2 year old so I have to wait until he is asleep, so I can focus and chat with you ladies. By the Way CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    I see, so the TEAS exam is definitely next tuesday????! and yayyy for joining facebook today!!
  9. by   Wanda2370
    Yes, the exam is Tuesday according to Debbie Pedretti, she said she would call/email us to confirm. Yes I joined, facebook(LOL), but have to see how to maneuver around, Be patient with me. I am so happy I "met" you guys prior to the start of the program.
  10. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    thanks for the info! and welcome to the world of facebook! LOL just type in this address then u will see group request button.
  11. by   iPink
    Congrats everyone. I'm in Level 2 going into Level 3. Word of advice, if you haven't been told already, make sure you get your Mandatories completed before the first day of school. It just saves you time because first day will be overwhelming.
  12. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Thanks for the advice Glad2basN!!! what are the mandatories???? you mean like paperworks? or regarding classes?
  13. by   iPink
    Yes all those paperwork that needs to be completed that pertains also to your clinical. Its about HIPPA, etc. It takes hours to complete and should complete it before your first day, so that's one thing you don't need to worry about.

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