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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is required for admission and how soon... Read More

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    Quote from kittyinnj
    its called you take a personal loan out cause its a 2nd degree....
    you have to provide documentation for everything
    either you work part time, have a hubby or live at home is how to survive
    make sure you have a strong support system cause personally this program is not organized and prob will never be,,, were just nursing students not med students lol
    dear kittyinnj;

    thanks for your reply. yes, at umdnj we continually emphasize the need for a strong support system to excel in the accelerated bsn program. the center for academic success is ramping up its efforts in this area with initiatives like the peer mentoring program and we encourage students to get involved.

    however, i must take issue with your "we're just nursing students" statement, even though you meant it as a joke. if nurses/nursing students don't stop comparing themselves negatively to physicians (or medical students), how will we effectively combat negative images of nurses in the media and in the workplace?

    you might want to check out this website, which offer news and resources aimed at improving the public image of the nursing profession:

    good luck with your studies and please feel free to stop by and visit me any time. i am on the newark campus in the dean's suite (11th floor).

    best regards,

    lynn mcfarlane

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    Quote from lynnmcfarlane
    dear goodtobenurse,

    our enrollment services department policy is that accepted students are mailed a packet of information within 3 business days of receiving your deposit. please send me a private message with your contact information so that we can investigate your case.

    at umdnj-sn our goal is continual improvement of our service to future and current students as well as alumni.


    lynn mcfarlane
    marketing and communications
    dear lynnmcfarlane,

    this is goodtobenurse. i cannot send a private message to you at this

    moment. goodness! thank god i hear something from you. i was waiting

    and waiting and also sent an e-mail to however

    there was no way to know anything.

    here is my e-mail address: i am very worrying

    about this happening now.... please, help me..

    i will re-send deposit and criminal background form with a letter tomorrow

    to enrollment services.

    thank you so much and i really appreciate your help.

    with best,

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    Quote from Zyrasmom

    Make sure you keep calling them, I have there number saved. I had an issue where I applied super early in June 2010 (Stratford Campus) for Summer of 2011. I was accepted for Spring of 2011! I had to figure that out and call several people to get switched to Summer of 2011 because I didn't want to go in the Spring. What campus are you going to? I can give you some contact information if you want to keep up with things. Let me know
    Dear Zyrasmom,

    Thank you so much!! I am under stress right now. I will re-send all things again with a letter of explanations.I will go to Newark campus. I will keep calling them to make sure for this time. Hope I am okay.
    Thank you again for helping me out!! will pray for you.
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    Greetings prospective and current BSN students at UMDNJ-SN.

    Since I know you folks are focused on getting in school and getting through our program, I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of UMDNJ's first stand-alone Nursing Pinning Ceremony, held Dec. 16, 2010 for the accelerated BSN students graduating January 2011.

    You can VIEW THE PHOTOS HERE>>Pinning Ceremony, UMDNJ-School of Nursing, Newark Campus, Dec. 16, 2010 - a set on Flickr

    We typically hold our pinning ceremonies as part of Convocation. Not sure how we will do the next one, but rest assured it will be an exciting event.

    Lynn, UMDNJ-School of Nursing
    marketing and communications
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    Hey you guys!
    im applying for either the summer or fall of 2011 umdnj absn program.. i know the deadline for the summer is march 1st and im pretty much done with my application im just waiting for my recommendation letters to finish.. but god knows how long that would take ... took one of them 3 weeks the last school i applied to.. but she is my boss and would give me a strong recommendation so i cant switch her lol. My question is am i cutting it too close? should i just wait till march 2nd and send in my application for fall? cause i personally feel like i am cutting it close and my application wont even be considered since i applied to late? lol what do you guys think?
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    You can actually send in everything now and have the recommendation letters pending, send them in later. I too had issues with that so I had all
    The letters sent to me sealed and I mailed them in, try to give everyone a two week time span, that's ample time. If it really becomes an issue find two other people as a back up whom you know will write your letters in a timely fashion.

    Best of luck,

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    Send it in. Even if it's too late they will bump you to the next semester.
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    Thanks you guys for the advice! ill be sure to send it it this Friday since its payday lmao ( applications are making me broke @_@ lol )
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    Hey guys... I just received my acceptence letter today for Summer 2011 at Newark. If anyone is starting a FB group or wants to chat my email is Always looking for people to buddy up with and suffer!
    Also looking for a good deal on books so let me know if you're selling. Good luck applicants!
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    Congratulations! Good luck to you, I am going to the Stratford Campus in the Summer of 2011, I am thrilled. I wish you well, it's not easy but again I will add ( I've stated this in the past) the program is do-able. Again congratulations!


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