UMDNJ ABSN program Fall 2013

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a new member trying to get information about the UMDNJ ABSN program and thought the best and most accurate information would come from fellow students who have already successfully applied to the program.
    I am currently taking the one prerequisite I need before I can apply (Anatomy & Physiology II) and recently attended an information session. One thing that left me with questions was about the 5 year rule on some of the classes (A & P I and II, Microbiology).
    I am hoping that someone can clear my confusion on this. I graduated with a BS in Biology in May 2009. I took A & P I my last semester and am taking A & P II now. When it comes to Micro I took it Spring 2008. Now does that mean I am ok applying for Fall 2013? I tried emailing someone to ask with not much luck. Do you guys think it would be a problem and I should retake it? Anyone was or is now in the same boat?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

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    Hey Temmuz, PM me and I can give you the contact information for the program. She got back to be very quickly!
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    thank you so much for responding. I am completely new to this site and do not know how to PM. Is it true you have to have a certain amount of posts before that is available.
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    A basic member must have 15 quality posts (actual posts not just "me too", "bump" or gibberish) to be able to access the private messaging system.
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    I too am looking at applying for the (Stratford) ABSN Fall 2013! My concern is about the application deadline. I'm finishing my A&P credits this semester too, and will be done with everything by the June 1 deadline. But some of the other threads about the ABSN program worry me - with rolling admission, how fast do the classes fill up? If I apply after the end of the semester, will there be any space left? I've seen a lot of people mention that they applied for a particular semester, but the class was full and their acceptance was deferred. Fall 2013 works so much better for me than Spring 2014...
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    I was also concerned about the deadline because I am already losing a semester for the prerequisite and really did not want to be deferred to 2014. I attended an information session in which someone asked about applying early and the response he received was that it doesn't make a difference because UMDNJ does not do rolling admission and all final decisions are made after they see all applications after the deadline. If this is true, we shouldn't be worried about the deadline
    Do you know anything specific about the 5 year rule on the A&P and Microbiology classes?
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    Sweet, about the deadline! I'd ask someone about the 5 year microbiology issue. I guess you'd technically be more than 5 years out, but only just - I'd imagine they could be slightly flexible? I don't have any specific information myself, as I've basically had to take everything on their list for the first time (my first degree was not related at all) and it'll all be new. But in your situation, I'd definitely talk to them.
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    I was finally able to reach someone in Enrollment Services and they were nice enough to answer my questions. I found out that the 5 year rule is calculated form the semester and year the class was taken, in this case I am over the 5 year by a few months and have to take microbiology over. So I went ahead and registered for it as I am also taking A&P II this semester. Hope everything works out.
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    Hi everyone! Are you guys applying at the Newark or Stratford campus? Does anyone know the class size for the program?
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    Hey Chinyere! I'm applying for the Stratford campus. I believe that is their last admission as Umdnj before Rutgers takes over. And as far as the class size program, I believe it's around 40 students per cohort.

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