RVCC and other LPN to RN Programs

  1. Thanks Prayernurse! I'm always looking for good schools to go to. It's hard to find ones that people like. I went to Lincoln Tech and would never recommend them. Ugh, 2 years of bologna. I just went to RVCC and am trying to get more info on the LPN-Rn Bridge program. It seems like a very popular program, and yet nobody knows too much about it.
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    Hello maggie1990! Hope you're still visiting here. I am currently attending RVCC as a pre-nursing student. Speaking of RN, I'd like to know what their ranking system works.
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    I'm not sure myself..I'm trying to get into their PN/AD program (LPN to RN bridge) but they only start classes once a year in summer session. So the way it stands now I won't get into their program until 2014-and that's if I get accepted into one of only 20 spots. So i'm looking into other alternatives. But since I didn't take A&P and some other prereqs I'll be doing that in the fall. Are you enrolled for this term? What classes are you taking?
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    I'm not exactly sure what I want to do right now at this moment. Not trying to depend on the negativity, but I heard some horrible comments about RVCC's RN nursing school, the chair and her bestfriend. They are too greedy, and they do not care about nursing students' educations except for the fact that they want nursing students to pass NCLEX so that they get extra money (bonuses). To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I should believe these comments, but I am going to look into other programs such as Rutgers and TCNJ BSN programs.

    Yeah, I am enrolled for this fall.
    Here's classes I am taking this fall:
    A&P 1
    Intro to Sociology (required for TCNJ/Rutgers BSN)
    Intro Philosophy (required for TCNJ/Rutgers BSN)
    US History: 1877 to Present (required for TCNJ/Rutgers BSN)
    Dynamics of Fitness & Wellness

    I have to take two prerequisite classes (A&P1 and 2) and TEAS before I can apply for RVCC's nursing school.
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    Moved to a new thread in NJ State Nursing Programs as off topic from Excelsior College and TCN. Best of luck in pursuing your educational endeavors.
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    I graduated from RVCC and I thought that the program was very good. I'm not sure where the claims that the chair and her best friend (whomever that is!) are greedy come from. Greedy about what??? I don't know about bonuses but ALL chairs want their students to pass the NCLEX. I also found the chair (and most of the professors) to be quite approachable. RVCC just went through a re-accreditation so they are good for the next decade (if your school loses accreditation while you are in the program, you are basically screwed). It's NOT an easy program but it has a very high NCLEX pass rate (usually higher than 90%: http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/nursing/apps/NCLEX-RN.pdf). I know that people who don't pass get frustrated but RVCC nurses are well respected by area hospitals. I participated in a summer externship program during my studies. The hospital had 110 applications for 10 positions. Two of those positions went to RVCC students. The unfortunate thing is that most hospitals are looking for BSNs but I don't think the LPNs who graduated to RNs typically have a tough time finding employment. Quite frankly, you WANT nurses that can pass their classes and that can demonstrate safety in patient care. RVCC does give second chances so it's not a one shot deal. They also ended the waiting list acceptance and they go by qualifications now. That has actually made the fail rate much lower.

    I didn't do the bridge program but my understanding is that you do have to complete A&P I and II. They start in the summer where you are doing classes/clinical. The you join the 2nd year students for Psych, Adults II (neuro, renal), maternity and pediatrics.

    The program does expect a lot! The students are really nice though. I was in 2 different years (I had to take a medical leave) and really liked both classes. I will say that I was hospitalized at one point (hence, the medical leave) and I had BSN students involved in my care. Two of them walked in and had the hardest time figuring out how to take a blood pressure. I asked them if this was their first clinical experience. Nope! They had been in clinical classes before! I was waiting for them to ask me questions, etc to put together a care plan. Nope! They were basically just functioning as patient care techs. Nothing else was expected of them. They didn't even ask me about why I was in the hospital. I never even saw their professor anywhere.

    The chair teaches one of the classes and the NCLEX questions were a lot like hers! I just kept thinking about her while taking the exam.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll try to answer them!
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    Hope all is well with you. I was accepted into the evening nursing program this fall at RVCC. I was wondering what everyone did with there uniforms after graduation since they have the school embroidery on them? Any comments?