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Hi everyone, Rutgers website list these as its prereqs: Introduction to Sociology Statistics Anatomy & Physiology I & II Organic Biochemistry Microbiology Technology elective (any three... Read More

  1. by   onedayitllbeme
    any of the jersey community colleges. i am currently taking online courses at brookdale community college. check or contact the nursing dept at rutgers to confirm the classes will transfer.
  2. by   heron21
    I am currently enrolled in the RU Accel program. It is considerably cheaper to take pre-reqs at community colleges, rather than at Rutgers. As long as the credits transfer (check on for equivalencies before you register), it shouldn't matter where you earned it. I also took a CLEP exam for the Sociology requirement ($77 exam fee, plus book).

    Also, I HIGHLY recommend that you plan to complete pre-reqs before starting the program. There is a tentative, very likely, plan to eliminate the challenge tests, with the exception of Cultural. So be prepared. The program only starts in May. The summer semester was tough, but I survived =>
  3. by   2bEsqtoRN
    Thanks to both of you.
  4. by   niciki24
    Hi does anyone have a syllabus or isbn number for the book used for HIP at rutgers? I couldn't find the transfer equivalent for this class and would most likely have to test out.
  5. by   heron21
    The class equivalent for HIP is Interpersonal Communications class which can be taken in any community college. I do not recommend taking the challenge exam. I would email any of the admins for the challenge exam info, including the syllabus and textbook. Good luck.
  6. by   LJ85
    Quote from onedayitllbeme
    Soci 105 at brookdale in the fall for human interactive online,
    I took it online fall 2011, with psych 208, a lot of reading with the 2 but worth it to do online
  7. by   LJ85
    So I am an LPN and I just finished all my Pre reqs for the RN program. I can now take my HESI and try to clep in to the program. I will be transferring to Rutgers eventually, while I wait to get into the nursing program at brookdale I am taking classed toward my BSN that will transfer to Rutgers. Unfortunately the colleges don't always make it a smooth transition and I effectively have no clue what I'm doing. I picked up a Spanish 1 class and stats this fall, I don't know what any of the electives are that I need to take it what computer class?? Help :-/

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