Rutgers Newark prerequisite courses


Hi everyone, Rutgers website list these as its prereqs:

Introduction to Sociology


Anatomy & Physiology I & II

Organic Biochemistry


Technology elective (any three credit computer course)

Lower-division nursing courses that may be taken or challenged:

Life Span: A Holistic Approach (Developmental Psych.)

Human Interactive Processes

Cultural Dimensions of Humans and Their Environment

Nutrition and Health

I am confused as to what they mean by "organic biochemistry" is this the chemistry with lab class? Also, what is Human Interactive Processes and Cultural Dimensions of Humans and Their Environment ?

Thank you.


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hi, i am finishing up prereqs now for this program. just finished sociology today. there is a course called that at many schools, or something similar. where i have been taking prereqs is a community college in ny, the course is called:

fundamentals of general, organic
& biological chemistry al chemistry i . i should double check they are going to accept that.

as for human interactive processes, many people challenge that and take a test after self-studying. i found a course at brookdale community college that confirmed transfers for human interactive , it is in the sociology dept - soci-105-de01b are you applying for the accelerated?

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Hi, I'm a a student at Rutgers College of Nursing in New Brunswick and just took last semester the "Organic Biochem" course. If you take this course at Passaic County College, I know that they call it "Chem 104". You can call the nursing dept, as they will advise you...they're really nice and helpful.

I actually have to check on the Human Interactive course for myself as well....not sure what the parallel courses are at other schools.

Not sure on the other courses you have listed, as I'm going to register in a couple of weeks and have these marked as questions as well.

If you wouldn't mind..could you leave an update of what you find on these classes?


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Soci 105 at brookdale in the fall for human interactive online,


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The HIP class can be satisfied with a basic communication class. I was able to take an intro level communication class at my local community college to satisfy this requirement. If you have questions before signing up for a class you can call the nursing school and they can tell you if a class is acceptable. I would urge you to take as many of the challenge classes before you start because the summer is very hectic and it will help your sanity if you dont have as many challenge exams to take.


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Does everyone take the challenge exam for Cultural Dimensions of Humans and Their Environment. I haven't found any equivalent at a community college? If anyone knows help would be much appreciated. would rather take the course if inexpensive than the challenge exam. (btw finishing nutrition at Brookdale Community (online) and the class was very doable, teacher was helpful and gave a lot of chances for etxra credit)


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Hi guys sorry for the late reply. Onedayitllbeme, I am considering applying for the accelerated program. However, I would hope to start somewhere by this spring or summer. Rutgers accelerated programs admits students for the fall only and the class is very small. I do love Rutgers though. Its a great school and the Rutgers name (though it is a public school in NJ) will open a lot of doors for you throughout the US (I went there for undergrad).

I called to ask about the chem class and was told their chemistry prereq is chemistry 1&2 at most community colleges. Also, you can use to see what courses will transfer over (this, again, was told to me by the person I spoke with). Hope this helps.


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The Rutgers program actually starts with summer session, usually right after labor day.

For the Culture class, you either have to take the class at Rutgers, or challenge out of it.


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Thanks Purplejadenj , makes sense about the culture class, I couldn't find it anywhere. When did you apply for the Rutgers accel program? I want to apply early but I don't see it yet as an option on the site. I am working full time now trying to save money but not in the medical field. Trying to decide if I should take a CNA course then try to find a job as a weekend CNA to boost my resume.

Chiasmus100 - I think it is only 4 credits for Chemistry, so 1 AND 2 shouldn't be required. I will check with them though, i am a bit paranoid now!

Where else are you applying? I am considering NJCU as well though I do need to take statistics again for that, and Suny Downstate. Maybe William Paterson as well though it doesn't look like they will have the accelerated this year so might take a while to complete.


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Hi, I am currently in the nursing program at Rutgers-Newark so I wanted to give you some insight as to what Cult Dim and HIP entails. Cultural Dimensions is a super easy class that mainly focuses on caring for patients with different cultural backgrounds, for instance knowing that Jehovah's witness don't accept blood transfusions, it was pretty interesting. HIP focuses on communication like everyone said, we had to interview someone for the big paper. Are you going into the accelerated or traditional program?


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Hi Dreaming1007, So nice of you to reply. Great to hear from someone in the program. I am not the OP, but I am most likely applying to the Accel Newark program. I have 2 online courses for the fall. a SOC class that transfers for HIP, and Life Span Development, both online at brookdale cc. After that I'll only have the Cultural left which I guess i will challenge out of if I get in. I have a good undergrad GPA in computer science/math (3.83) and a 4.0 on the prereqs, but I don't have any great people to use for a reference since I can't tell my employers about this until I am in, though I do have a mentor and a former manager that I will use. I also do not have health care experience but have done some volunteering at various places every year.

How is the program going? The May-Sept was very challenging I hear? I guess you just started or are you on the traditional track. :jester::smokin: (my 5 year old asked me to put these smiley faces)