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refresher course

  1. 0 Hi, I'm looking for an accredited refresher course in NJ. I did find one offered at Somerset Med. Center but I live in southern NJ. I've not practiced since the birth of our first son and am needing to re-instate my license which obviously requires a refresher course. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think Lourdes has a refresher.

    Good luck
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    Thank you...I e-mailed them this evening and will follow up with a phone call tomorrow!
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    helene fuld also runs a refresher from time to time. Bucks County College has a refresher that has hands on does Rutgers New Brunswick.
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    Thanks for the reply...I received, from the Board of Nsg of NJ, a very short list of approved refresher courses. The "in person" courses are all in Central Jersey, much too far for me. I will have to take an online course. It's going to be a lesson in self-discipline for me but I plan on beginning this spring. The hard part will probably be finding a clinical site for the practical part of the course.
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    Are you a LPN or RN? There is a Nurse refresher in Rosehayne,NJ starting Feb. It is a vocational school and the cost is 1200. 32 classes 4to 9pm T&R thru May.