OCVTS Toms River 2014

  1. I am actually posting this topic for a friend of mine. She applied to a lot of Nursing schools (both RN and BSN) but did not get accepted in any of them. She has is losing hope, so I suggested that she try going the LPN route then bridge after. The closest program offering LPN to where she lives is OCVTS. The thing is, we can't find any info about their LPN program on the website. Are there any current or past students from OCVTS who can give any info on the program? How rigorous is it? What's the daily schedule like? What entrance exam is needed (TEAS V?) and what scores are minimum to get in? Thanks for any response you may provide!
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    Thank you so much for the links! Really appreciate it
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    The program is awesome and its not to late to apply, have your friend call the school to get an application and then schedule the entrance exam. I have a friend that is taking it in april.
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    Thanks! Do you know what kind of exam it is? Is it TEAS V?
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    The entrance exam is TEAS V. I don't know the score you need to pass. It's not an easy program. The program runs from Sept to July. It's very fast paced with at least one quiz per day, sometimes 3. The day is divided into two subjects. Each teacher lectures and you take notes. You'll be tested on the material usually the following day. So that night, you study your notes, study the text and then read ahead and outline the chapter to be taught the following day (x2 because you're doing two subjects per day). You also have workbooks that accompany the textbooks that you need to keep up on. It's not impossible to do, but it requires discipline.
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    I graduated from the OCVTS program in 2008. I too wanted to go for RN and the waitlist was long and I was called for LPN first so I went for it. The entrance exam isnt that bad, I just studied from a basic entrance exam book. The program itself is rigorus. I had a hard time holding a job because the program is 8a-3p m-f. There are two different classes, so I can only speak for the class I was in, but they teach the same info. My professors were great. Im not gonna lie, I cried sometimes...you fail more than 1 exam your out. Be prepared to make studying your life for 10 months. But keep a positive attitude. If you say to yourself that failure is not an option, it drives you to succeed. I am now finishing up the RN program at Brookdale Community College. If you get through the LPN program, RN will seem like a breeze lol. Good luck to your friend and PM me if she wants to talk more about it, I love to help!