NJCU FastTrack BSN Program Admission Requirements - page 7

I'm getting ready to apply to the 2011 FastTrack BSN Program at New Jersey City University. I was wondering what standards people had that were accepted to the program in the past. I know it says 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale (preferred... Read More

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    This wait is killing me lol

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    Do you have any information on the questions that I had in my last post? Like the safety of the campus and schedule etc?
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    No sorry. I wish. But not really sure what u mean
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    I know the schedule is basically full-time (Monday-Friday 8-5 type of deal, with one day at clinicals) It all depends on what schedule you get, since it can definitely vary. But I think that's basically what it's like. I know there are other posts on this website that discuss that.

    As far as the safety in Jersey City, it's not exactly one of the safest areas in NJ, but the campus is actually really nice. When I visited for the orientation I parked at an on-site parking garage, and I felt pretty safe. I mean I wouldnt suggest walking by yourself late at night, but chances are if you make it into the program hopefully most of your classes will be during the day and also you'll have friends that you make in the program to walk with, etc. I have friends that live in JC, and although there is always the chance of your car getting broken into or getting mugged in any city, it's really not THAT bad of an area and if you're smart about it you'll be fine
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    Great! Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.
    Are you waiting for admission into the program this fall or are you in the Communiversity cohort?
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    I am currently waiting to hear back for the Fall cohort. Do you know who you spoke to when you called the other day? I have a friend that is currently in the program and she said that 4-6 weeks was somewhat accurate for them getting back to everyone.
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    It was Samantha. They may have gotten back to people more quickly in the past, but they received a record number of applications for this fall cohort, so that is why I know it will take longer than the 4-6 weeks originally quoted.
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    wow @record number of applicants. I wonder how they are making selections.
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    You can assume at least half of the 300 or so are not viable candidates-
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    Who said there were 300 applicants?

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