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I'm getting ready to apply to the 2011 FastTrack BSN Program at New Jersey City University. I was wondering what standards people had that were accepted to the program in the past. I know it says 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale (preferred... Read More

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    when did u receive the email???

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    Quote from Heather319
    Hi, I am also trying to apply to the 2011 NJCU Fast Track program for the fall . I am so apprehensive about it and I too, was wondering how everyone is doing applying to the program this year. I have a 3.5 GPA and yesterday I took the HESI. I thought I would've done better but I only scored an 85. Does anyone know if these credentials are even worth thinking that I would get accepted? I have a great essay and great references and all my pre-Reqs are A's.

    Also, I read on the website that now they are postponing (again) the website to check your application status. You now won't receive anything about that untill after May 1st (so it says). I think they had problems with it so it is taking longer to get up and running.

    Anyone the graduated from the program have any input on this subject? I'd appreciate any information that I can get. I really need to get into this program this year.

    Thank you for your time.

    Can you please tell me what is exactly on the HESI. I am taking mines next week. What book have you used to review?

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    April 28th
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    Quote from helen88a
    when did u receive the email???
    April 28th
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    Quote from CeceStar5
    April 28th
    oh,thank you! do you mind if I ask you what the email said about???!!
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    dear prospective student,

    thank you for your recent application for the fasttrack bsn program. you may check the status of your application by logging in via the file manager system:

    your username and password are both your first and last name with a space in between.

    note: your username and password are both case sensitive and there is a space in between your first name and last name that must be included.

    sample: username: john smith
    password: john smith

    immediately after logging in, you should change your password to something more secure and known only to you. you will see a button in the bottom left of the screen after logging in labeled as: logout. next to this button there is a small down arrow, and by clicking on this option, it will grant you the ability to change your password.

    as admission criteria is received and processed by the nursing department, your file will be updated through this system. as updates are applied to your file, it will automatically generate an email to the email address where you retrieved this memo, indicating all relevant changes.

    due to high call volume, please do not contact the nursing department by phone to check the status of your application, rather refer to this database for all updates concerning your application. your file will be updated on an ongoing basis through this system, as items are received by our office.

    please note: applicants must register to take the exam no later than the application deadline. jersey city applicants must complete the exam before may 20, 2011. please log on to our website for specific instructions on how to register for the exam: www.njcu.edu/nursing. ; applications that are missing hesi admission exam results will not be considered for admission. once you have taken the exam, we will retrieve the results directly from our database, thus it is not necessary for you to forward exam results.

    if transcripts were requested more than six weeks to date, please contact the institution where the request was submitted to determine the format transcripts were sent to the new jersey city university. if more than six weeks have elapsed since a request was submitted to an institution for a transcript(s), and this item remains pending on your status form, there is a strong possibility the transcript(s) may have been sent electronically. nursing department personnel do not have access to retrieve electronic transcripts, therefore it is the applicant's responsibility to contact the admission's department (201) 200-3234 and speak with a representative that has access to retrieving electronic transcripts. applicants must request that all electronic transcripts be forwarded to our office via interoffice mail.

    applications will not be reviewed by the admission committee until the close of the applicationdeadline. applicants will receive a decision letter by mail approximately four to six weeks from the close of the deadline.

    it appears that several applicants have not submitted the unemployment waiver form to date. please refer to both attachments to retrieve these forms. electronic submissions are unacceptable, thus both forms must be completed and mailed to my attention.

    in closing, our website is an essential tool for you to stay abreast to any updates and changes with the application process, deadlines etc. please refer to our website periodically: www.njcu.edu/nursing to view all updates and announcements.

    good luck!

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    Wow that was fast. Thank you so much!!! this really helps me!!
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    no problem.
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    I called today and they said that they are caught up due to the massive number of applications (around 350).
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    have anyonecould give me some advise regarding the hesi a2 vocabulary section

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