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Anyone applying? Have you taken the HESI? Thought it would be helpful to share experiences.... Read More

  1. by   jazminjfuertes
    Hi everyone!
    I am applying for Fall 2017 and I'm really scared I won't get in. This is my first choice and it'd be really convenient for me because it's affordable and only 30 minutes away. I don't have any experience working in healthcare aside from majoring in Health Science and concentrating in Healthcare Informatics. My major gpa is 3.2, my cumulative gpa is 2.8 and i think the gpa of my prereq classes are 2.94. Also, I've never volunteered at a hospital. I have worked for a medical devices company called Stryker but it was mostly clerical work. My resume is full of leadership positions and work experience (e.g. starbucks, data entry positions) which show that I have a lot of experience in multi-tasking, organization, and teamwork. I think I do have two great letters of rec, but I'm still scared that I won't get in.

    Was anyone in a similar situation and still got in?

    It's okay to be honest if y'all don't think I won't get in.
  2. by   klynn90
    Hi all! Joining the thread to keep up with information. I applied for the JC campus. Can't wait to hear back!!
  3. by   lacerti
    Hey kerri_lynn_!

    Feel free to ask any questions in the more recent thread; head over here for 2017 applicants:
    NJCU ABSN 2017
  4. by   Dianaju
    Hello @eris did you complete the program?
  5. by   eris08
    Hi @dianaju, yes I did. I graduated back in 2016.
  6. by   Dianaju
    @eris08 omg congrats. So you survived!!!! How was the Nclex ? And what tips would you give for getting though. And last was it easy to find a job after graduation?

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