1. Hi! Just thought I would start a new thread for NJCU, 2014 applicants! - Any thoughts/concerns regarding the application process or help from alumni is greatly appreciated! I'm applying to the Wall cohort for this May.
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  3. by   Esme12
    Welcome to AN!

    thread moved for best response
  4. by   johndabaker
    I'm applying to Jersey City.
    Took the HESI today, did okay!
  5. by   Lsegalla89
    Hi Johndabaker!

    I'm taking the HESI at the end of the month. Any advice?! I've been using the HESI study guide, but I'm just a little worried I should be using other study methods.
  6. by   sarsoora8
    I'm also applying hopefully. How is the Hesi? I'm taking it at the end of the month and so stressed about it.

    johndabaker - How was the Hesi? Hardest section? Do you get the results same day? Can I ask how well you did?
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  7. by   nadia89

    I applied to Wall Cohort. I didn't know you've created thread for 2014. I will be taking the HESI exam next Thursday. Any feedback on the entrance exam is appreciated. Do any of you know if they look at your overall NursingCas GPA or your undergrad GPA?
  8. by   johndabaker
    The study guide is the best tool. Try to do the math problems in the book and the questions are very similar to the practice ones. I used quizlet and some videos to brush up on my anatomy.
  9. by   johndabaker
    I took to the exam last year when I thought I was applying (last year required an award bachelor's and I just graduated this past May). So it was my second time taking it. The hardest section depends on your personal strengths, but I would say A&P because anything is fair game. You get the results immediately after you complete each section. When you finish there is a report of your individual and composite score. I scored 90. Hope this helps!
  10. by   sarsoora8
    Thank you johndabaker! I'm scheduled to take it on the 30th of this month. I hope I do well because my undergrad GPA is nothing to brag about
  11. by   nadia89
    Thank you johndabaker for the heads up! I hope I will do well on the entrance exam. Well, I will find out this Thursday.
  12. by   seaMsea
    Hi everyone!
    I am also applying to the Wall cohort (was discouraged to find out that I could not, in fact, apply to both campuses)!
    I am taking my HESI the end of January. I just graduated in December and I'm probably a nut for wanting to jump back into it.
    Can't wait to take this journey and share these nerves with all of you!
  13. by   sarsoora8
    You can ask to have your application considered for the JC campus if you do not get accepted to Wall.

    Good luck to us all!!!
  14. by   nadia89
    Hi tinemarie,

    Don't worry... I just graduated too and I do not think you're crazy because it is better to get it done with.

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