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If you have recently passed nclex how long did it take for you to receive your license from the NJ BON? Thanks, -C... Read More

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    For anyone who is reading this and who just passed their NCLEX, it took 2 weeks for the NJBON to issue my license. I passed 6/23 and my license was issued 7/7. The physical license arrived about 4-5 days after that. There were no disciplinary or other issues with my license. Hope that helps someone.

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    Quote from lrem
    supersam34- Did you receive answer on your license yet? And if so how long did it take? I just found out my application is also under review by the NJ board because I checked 'no' to being arrested. I had a situation that took place about 15 years ago that was ultimately dismissed. I completely forgot about the situation and in no way was trying to cover up anything. I have a job lined up but I am now stuck in limbo until I hear back from the board regarding licensing.

    Hi Irem what ever what happened with your application, did you end up getting your license? and how long did it take? Did you have to go to the actual Board of Nursing to explain what happened and why you put no?
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    I know this thread has been inactive for quite some time, but I'm kinda in the same boat. I had to answer "yes" in the disciplinary section. I took my NCLEX 9/21 and found out that I passed (Yaaaayyy). I contacted the BON yesterday and was told my application was sent for review 10/11/11 (I'm assuming to disciplinary). I'm just trying to get an idea as to how long this whole process is going to take!! Thanks!!
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    I sent in my application on July 25, got the ATT (Authorization to test) August 10, tested August 19, fingerprinted September 1, got my license September 19. And now, about 5 weeks later, I got a job!
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    hello i took my exam july 14 i passeed found out july 18 i passsed and now its aug 27 and it still says pending....im worried :/
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    Quote from natalciapl
    hello i took my exam july 14 i passeed found out july 18 i passsed and now its aug 27 and it still says pending....im worried :/
    You might just need to call BON because sometimes its just one thing they need to update so that it shows up...that happened to me they just needed to update one thing n after I called my number showed up on the website

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