NJ BON is ridiculous

  1. It is taking nearly 3 months to get my license. Just ridiculous.

    I passed my NCLEX on June 15th for the third try. All my friends have told me it usually takes about 3 weeks or can be earlier to get the license in my mail (i think nj takes longer than other states). So, I just went on a 3 week vacation, hoping to get my license waiting for me at home.

    Right before I came home, I called home to check if my parents received anything from nj state and they didnt have it. So I called NJ BON to check what is going on, and they told me I need to redo my background check and they said they will send me the letter regarding it so i must sign and send it back. They were saying how they require background check every 6 months until you get your license. It may be my fault for not checking what I needed but it's just frustrating to get the mail one month after I passed my NCLEX and that is after I called in (I dont know how much longer it would've taken if i didnt call in).

    So I called in about 2 weeks after and now they told me, they "just" sent in my background check to be done. It really took 2 weeks for them to just to "send" my background check in.
    This guy told me it takes about 10-15 business days to get it done and I believed I would get it anytime soon after 10-15 business days but I wasnt getting it.

    I called in again, now they were saying, we got your result and it will take another 10-15 business days to process your license.

    I called in 3 weeks(15 business days) after, and now the guy said he will push the application process and it will take another 10-15 business days.

    I bet they can do it right away, I do not know how and what they do in there, they only do their work when I call in. This is just ridiculous.

    So lesson here,
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    " So lesson here,

    You could not have said it any better!
  5. by   amoLucia
    Be careful - if you keep getting the same person, you may just be annoying them.

    NJ civil service is notorious for its slowness. Somebody once compared it to the old military phrase "to hurry up and wait'. I believe us to be the most over-regulated state in the country. You did say that you neglected to check, so you DO have some of the blame for the situation.

    Everybody in the State has probably had some type of negative experience, be it Motor Vehicles, Unemployment. Disability, other Boards, etc.
  6. by   jeuulnie
    Thnx fir the comments. Amolucia, yea luckily, it wasnt the same person each time. I just find the system so not 21st century style. I mean NY offers online status checks, they tell you what you are missing online. Here in nj you need to call in and literally bother them. When i had to call in to retake nclex asking if i need anything, the lady was like almost yelling, telling me i dont even know what your name is but just wait for reapplication in the mail then she just hung up on me. Well she is the one who said how may i help you. They even lost my letter of completion for my nclex application so i had to ask school to send it again and they took about 2 months to give me ATT number. EVERYTHING was being done so slow. Im just sick of it now. I just want my license now. *sigh*
  7. by   alibee
    It took me four months from start to finish to get my license, and it was a road trip to Newark from South Jersey that finally got me that number. I'd been getting the runaround continuously, I had a job, and I needed the number in order to keep that job, so I finally bit the bullet and drove the hour and a half up to Newark. The lady at the front desk there was ON POINT and literally went to the back and talked to the committee (they happened to be in). I had my license number a couple hours later. Another person on the forums also went to Newark and had his number the next day.

    When I was up there, I counted nine--yes, NINE--cubicles dedicated to the Board of Nursing. I couldn't believe it. However, while I don't want to guarantee anything, it might be worth going up to Newark and following up in person.

    EDIT: Here's the link to that discussion: http://allnurses.com/new-jersey-nurs...ng-760079.html
  8. by   DaddyO
    IMO you are speaking to the call center when you call, not the BON. I am not saying they are not helpful but I did not get results until I went to Newark after waiting 2 months thanks to Alibee.

    I went to them on a Friday and had my license issued by 930am Monday morning.

    NJ BON does have a status check if you sign up here: https://newjersey.mylicense.com/eGov/Login.aspx

    it will list everything you have submitted and has been accepted and what is still pending.
  9. by   njgrl622
    I passed NCLEX July25 and went for my fingerprinting July 26. I JUST received my license number YESTERDAY (using the website - same as what DaddyO just posted). The waiting was 6 weeks!

    I called several times over the course of those 6 weeks. At first, I was told 20 business days from the day I found out I passed NCLEX. After those 20 days came and went - I was told 30 business days. Turns out - it took EXACTLY 30 business days.

    I called on Sept. 6th and the guy that I spoke with was really nice. He acknowledged that 6 weeks was a long time and typed up an email that he sent to "processing dept" - (supposedly). I checked my status on the 7th and my number was there!
  10. by   AOM3
    I passed my nclex August 1 and have been waiting for my number too. Some of my friends that took it almost a month after me have recieved their numbers already! The bon sent two follow up emails to the people that process the things I guess. They told me they have everything they need.Im freakin out that i did somethin wrong. But, if they said they have everything I should be good? Anyone know how they process everything/like why some people get theirs before others?
  11. by   jeuulnie
    Thanks for all your comments. (It really helped!! Thanks to Alibee & DaddyO)

    I mean, I have been patient enough.
    I waited 2 weeks since the guy said he will push my application process and I wasn't still seeing my license number on the website.
    Today I decided to go to Newark BON.

    I went there and lady was like, what?? you took it in JUNE???

    And guess what, I got my number in 10 min.


    It's that easy for them to give me the license number? and what was taking freaking so long!
    I mean, if i didn't show up today, it could've taken another month or so. I am just so sick and tired of BON.

    It took 3 months for them to give me an ATT number (they said they dont have my letter of completion even though my school says they sent it. I asked school to resend my letter),
    took about 9 months for me to take NCLEX 3 times,
    took another 3 months for me to get my license number.

    It was looooooong journey.

    I hope i dont have to deal with them anymore. This really sucks.

    I told you in my original thread to call and bother them everyday. Now im changing it.
    Call them and also GO and bother them to do their work.

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