NCLEX-RN Pearson Vue Center - Valid ID?

  1. Hello all,

    I'll be taking my NCLEX-RN within the next 2 weeks in NJ. Ok, sooo I've been meaning to post about it here on AN.

    On the day of test, we need to bring valid ID, ie. Driver's License, Passport, etc.

    The thing with me is that my Driver's License First name is not exactly the same as on my ATT. Lol -_- when I was filling out my info at the DMV years ago, I didn't think to write the last letter of my first name because my first name is too long to fit on the form. So since then, I've had my Driver's License ...missing the last letter of my First name. Soooo, I don't know if that's OK to present on the day of the test, since it does not match my ATT (darn it) I know it's too late to get it fixed bc I know where I am in NJ, the DMV can take a long time.

    With that said, I want to show/bring my Passport on the day of the NCLEX @ Pearson. HOWEVER, the photograph of myself was when I was 17, and I'm 23. So I look a lil different, lost a lot of weight, hair is up to my shoulders (in the pic, my hair is past it). So, I can't really gauge how "recent" the photograph needs to be. I did get my Passport issued in 2006, and it expires in 2016.

    Lastly, where's it's stated under "Given Name" on my Passport it says my First name AND my mom's maiden name (which is my middle name). However, on my ATT it just states my First name and my Middle Initial. Is this OK? I know Pearson reviews only the First name and Last name.

    PLEASEEE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ANY KIND OF INFORMATION? I really don't wanna be turned away on the day of the NCLEX!

    I already contacted Pearson via e-mail about the whole thing and I'm considering going to the Pearson Center tomorrow morning.

    Thank you! Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You should be okay. My ATT had my middle name my DL only my middle initial. My DL has my mailing address and my ATT had my street address.
  5. by   newgradJR

    Thanks so much for your reply! Yeah I called Pearson, and the actual test center to ask about it and they said I should be fine. Middle name doesn't count.

    With that said, are you from NJ? If so, we don't need to have our fingerprints done in order to sit for the NCLEX, correct? I received the letter in the mail about doing the fingerprinting. I plan to do the fingerprinting right after I take the NCLEX. Is this going to affect me at all? I just havent' gotten around to do it because so much has been going on with studying etc. I read on AN that it'll just be a bit delayed to get my actual license because I didn't do the fingerprints right away.

    What do you think? I'm just scared that when I go online to schedule for fingerprinting I'll have to wait a long time for an appt :-/ if they're backed up with appts, etc.

    Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  6. by   Double-Helix
    Bring both your license and your passport. But I doubt you'll gave a problem with just your license. If you go to the NJ DMV, you should be able to get a new license that same day. You'll just have to wait in line at the DMV. But try to get there right when they open on a weekday and you should get through fairly quickly.
  7. by   newgradJR
    Thanks Ashley!

    I called Pearson, as well as the actual test center that I'll be taking the NCLEX at, and asked them about it.

    They said just as long as your very first name and very last name match exactly, there should not be a problem.

    I'll be bringing my Passport with me on the day of the test as my valid ID, but that's what I was thinking of doing: bringing my Driver's license as well, just in case.

    I just hate going to the DMV, but if anything, I'll go this coming Monday to get it fixed. I wonder if I need to bring in all those documents (6-Point Documents).

    Ashley, are you from NJ as well?

    Thanks again!
  8. by   neliztanee
    i have the same problem. I dont have a driver's license or state ID, so the only one i have is my passport. But the photo on it was 2 years ago. What should i do?
  9. by   knight-
    I have a similar problem, but not entirely.
    I have a really long first name and upon registration with Pearson, it only allowed me 15 characters on the first name box. For example my name is "MARIA ELLIZABETH", it only appears on my account (and now on my ATT as well) as "MARIA ELLIZABET".
    Do you guys think they will still let me take the NCLEX exam? Thank you!

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