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  1. Hi All,
    This is my first time starting a Thread on this site, and second time posting in general. I Start CNA/ phlebotomy Program on monday {which is about 2 months long} and plan to start LPN School in September. Has anyone ever attended Merit Technical Institute In New Jersey??? If so, how Good is the program?? How Good are the Professors?? I read that they have about a 80% pass rate on the state exam! Please Help! LOL...Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   shejjr2

    I will be taking the entrance test at Merit in two weeks, can you please tell me more about this school, and any other schools in NJ. How are the teacher,students, clincal setting, and e.t.c
  5. by   BrownOcean
    Oh man. The tuition is 13000. They don't offer financial aid. There is a $500 registration fee.
    You are expected to pay $1500 by the day of orientation. You pay for your classes@out of pocket for about five months totaling
    $4500 . Then u pay about $200 a month. There will be a balance of $6000 dollars that you
    Can pay off on your own or take out a loan but u must pay it off before to can take the exam.
    Books and uniform is not included in the tuition. I think that sucks. They are very money hungry.
  6. by   Murielle
    Does any body know how much will the books cost for merit
  7. by   meluhn
    I dont know anything about this school but generally speaking, any school that is not affiliated with a county vo tech or a governement agency is a private technical school. These types of schools are typically more expensive and are more profit focused than education focused. 80% is not a good pass rate, it is kind of bad. I believe a school will be investigated by the BON if the pass rates fall below 75%, so they are borderline. I would suggest looking elsewhere.
  8. by   yasmeen1
    The only thing difficult for most people about this school is that you have to pay as you go. I've applied for schools that is govermental funded and cost twice as much as Merit.The passing rate for this school is 89%.
  9. by   lilsp00n
    I agree!! Merit School is hungry for money!
  10. by   lilsp00n
    NEVER EVER enroll to that school!!
  11. by   yasmeen1
    I say this is a pretty good school, Give it a try
  12. by   yasmeen1
    This is a pretty good school, Give it a try
  13. by   lilsp00n
    A pretty good school??? My fiance go to that school and many of them complain their grades and even the smartest student in class fail her though her answers were correct! And they think this is really unfair! :angryfire They pay like $500 every test/credit or something (Im not sure), and the books cost more or less $40.
  14. by   lilsp00n
    Correction: The books cost more or less $130.

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