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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of a college that offered LPN to RN that I could mostly do from home.I know excelsior does but I don't think they accept fafsa or anything like that.I really would love to get started and on my way to becoming an RN but i'm not sure where to begin and I have 3 kids so I definetly can't go back to a program that requires a lot classroom time. Also if anyone has any info on what it takes to become a school nurse in nj that would be great! Thank you!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I would see what your local community colleges offer-maybe an lpn-rn bridge program. You would still be full time for that year or more, but at least not as much starting from scratch. If your kids are young you might get discounted rates at the childcare at the schools-I know some have this. Otherwise it's just biting it all off and doing your best. Enlist all family as helpers and sitters! Do whatever you have to to reach your goal and you will get there.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    School nursing in NJ requires a minimum of an RN/BSN with specific (approximately 30 graduate level credit) post-baccalaureate certification. One certification permits a nurse to teach health (instructional) , the other is strictly school nurse only (non-instructional).

    NJSSNA.org | Certification

    http://www.nj.gov/education/educator...ents/3000S.pdf (instructional school nurse)

    http://www.nj.gov/education/educator...ents/3010S.pdf (non instructional school nurse)

    Excelsior does not accept federal financial aid for LPN to ASN/RN because the program is examination based not coursework based. Most county colleges and one private school (Eastwick in northern NJ) offer a LPN to RN/ASN program. Some schools are two semesters others like Ocean County College are three semesters. In addition all the other general education courses like A&P, micro, English, math/statistics, sociology, developmental psychology, etc. are required for the ASN.
  5. by   NMlpn2rn
    Thank you guys for the information!I will try whatever it takes to reach my goal.I find it difficult in NJ to find work with my LPN license but I see a lot more for RN's so I know I need to climb up that nursing ladder
  6. by   rbytsdy
    I did a straight RN program with 3 little kids so I know it's tough! But I'd check into the community college programs. Many have LPN to RN bridge programs that are 1 year long. You do a summer session and then join the RN candidates for the 2nd year. There are day and evening classes available. I went during the day and utilized the very discounted rates at the childcare center.

    Also, one of my professors is a school nurse and said you need to be an RN with 60 college credits to be a substitute school nurse (a substitute teacher only needs 60 college credits). I believe you need to apply with the districts and get district approval but could be an option!

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