lpn to rn bridge program

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    I'm an LPN looking for short LPN to RN program. I'm not sure if I want to study on line. If anybody knows any school or colleges that offer Lpn to RN in New York city or northern NJ?

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    Helene Fuld College of Nursing in NYC.
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    Muhlenberg School of Nursing in Plainfield has an LPN to RN bridge program.
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    How long is the bridge program?
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    Raritan Valley Community College has a bridge program. It is only one year long. I have friends who went through it.
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    do you thinks it better to do lpn to rn to bsn, or is it better to go through to do it straight lpn to bsn? .. and the schools mentioned, do the have pre req's?
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    - raritan valley community college has a great 1 year program, actually less than 1 year if u include the breaks in between.. i really liked it there.. and their out of county tuition is only a difference of 7 bucks..
    - if you have the time and luxury, skip the associates and get ur BSN.. i was strapped for time.. as an LPN i thought itd be great to get my associates because it was faster.. as an ADN i realize (in the current economy) that most hospitals prefer BSNs.. hiring freezes galore!
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    To deLite: (I wouldve pmed you but I'm a new member and can't yet)
    From reading your posts it seems like I'm following in the same footsteps as you. I'm having difficulty deciding whether to start the MCVTS LPN program, then attempt to do the pn/ad program at RVCC, or to spend another year of waiting, take a few more classes (I have to retake a&p I to increase my grade), then apply for the RN program for fall 2012. All this waiting has gotten me discouraged and I've been having difficult finding helpful and constructive advice. If you could give me some sort of feedback, mostly for MCVTS, it would be much appreciated.
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