looking for live NCLEX review in NJ

  1. Does anyone know where there are Live NCLEX
    reviews in NJ, PA, MD or VA?
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  3. by   lucylumps
    I know that Rutgers University has a reveiw course. A couple of my classmates signed up last year after graduation and apparently received a cheaper rate. All of them passed Nclex on the first try BTW. Good luck to you!:spin:
  4. by   decartes
    Kaplan practice questions were very similar to the NCLEX. There are centers located throughout NJ.
  5. by   bluekitten
    Kaplan's question bank and question trainer is really good. but i wouldnt recommend the inclass review because they just review the question they solve. mine was 2wice a week for 4 weeks. everyday the instructor solved 75 Qs, and he was going really fast that i couldnt really catch him. their review book is pretty good and easy to understand. i wish i could have spent more time on the kaplans book, but i focused on solving as much Qs as i could and didnt work. at the end of kaplans book there is a review section for common meds. i should have just memmorized the whole section, cos nclex asks crazy amount of pharm questions.
    good luck.
  6. by   dashie2007
    I did Kaplan in NJ, Helped me, passed with75 questions.
  7. by   puddingpie
    Thanks everyone, I am studying with Kaplan now.
    I think the strategies are great. Also doing some saunders and miller in bewteen.