Lincoln Tech in moorestown-LPN program Feb2011 - page 5

Hi, Was wandering if anyone is starting the LPN program at Lincoln tech in moorestown in Feb 2011.... Read More

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    I have a question? When u do the clinicals do they provide transportation or do you have to drive yourself. I am thinking really hard on going there for the LPN course. but i dont drive. Just wondering??? thanks for any information u can give me on this

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    Hey patcat!
    You do have to provide your own transportation to the clinical sites where are you coming from? The clinical sites I had weren't bad( like they were close to me...I had one that was 30min from me) but for the most part they are not that far!
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    I am from Riverside, when u ask for information they dont tell u this. I dont drive and my daughter will be going for there computer security program at the same time i am there and she is the driver.

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