Job search blues

  1. I have sent out 311 applications to jobs throughout NJ, PA, and NY. This includes emails, online applications, faxes, and mail-out resumes. From this, I have only gotten two interviews. That's under one percent.

    I've really had it. I'm depressed. I don't know how much longer I can keep searching for a job in nursing. I'm so sick of hearing, "Have you tried nursing homes?" YES! I HAVE TRIED NURSING HOMES. Not just nursing homes, but correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, doctor's offices, urgent cares, home care, corporate facilities... everything! I've had three different people review my resume and cover letters. I have six different cover letters for all sorts of different specialties (pediatric cover letter, a cover letter tailored to the facility where I work as a nursing assistant, out-of-state cover letters...) I'm certified in ACLS, IV therapy, and did a Basic Arrhythmia class. I thought maybe because I'd be saving some floor SOMEWHERE that much money, I'd get a call back for an interview. Nothing!

    I worked my ass off for two years as a nursing assistant and was rejected from an interview I had with them. I even went to Shared Governance meetings and participated in them. I gave so much time and effort to that unit for nothing in return.

    And this isn't to mention that my mother is also a nurse (who graduated in 1988), who likes to frequently tell me that she got a job right out of school and I'm probably not doing something right.

    Sorry, no one likes reading these job search threads, but I really just can't take it anymore.
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  3. by   KATRN78
    I hear ya!
  4. by   mena09
    Try working for an agency... they might hire you.. hey you have to start somewhere.. so try there.... homecare....
  5. by   mmm cdiff
    Home care wants experience, and agencies don't provide an orientation. I'm a recent graduate with 0 RN experience.
  6. by   RNDude100
    Volunteer your time.
  7. by   mena09
    not true about 80% of my class started out in homecare including myself... and they do give orientation on each new case you start at..... then you decide if you want to take the case or not....
  8. by   KATRN78
    Mmm Cdiff, what part of NJ are you located?
  9. by   xxryu139xx
    try star pediatrics they accept new grads from what i've been told by a fellow orientee. there are also some nursing homes that only accept in person applications, u may want to try hunting those down.

    also if ur mom has been a nurse for so long, why don't she use her connections to get u into a facility. its no longer about the credentials that u possess, its all about the people u know.
  10. by   mmm cdiff
    I live in northern Jersey. I applied to Starlight Homecare and their only cases right now involve driving two hours from where I live. I know it's a job and everything, but I can't do that.

    What other home care agencies are there besides Starlight that take new grads? Bayada wants a year of experience, and the VNA wants BSNs.

    I work as a nursing assistant at the same facility where my mom works. She works in a CCU that will absolutely not accept any new grads; nursing assistants who worked there and graduated from nursing school have gotten jobs on different floors. Every option I can think of has been exhausted.
  11. by   KATRN78
    Is PSA near you? They hire new grads.
  12. by   mmm cdiff
    They are near me! I haven't heard of them until now. No openings at the moment, but thank you, I'll keep them in mind.
  13. by   LPN2RN2013
    I am kindda in the same boat except I live in Southern NJ. I'm a new LPN, and no-one, I mean not a one body wants to hire me :-( It is really depressing.... *sigh*
  14. by   mena09
    starlight (teaneck small agency) i remember them thats where i first started... I worked for them for a 1yr the pay wasn't that great but you have to start somewhere... and left to Bayada. I'm happy with them...

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