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IV certification for LPNs

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a LPN in NJ, I was wondering if anyone knows what you can do with an IV certification. I know I will be able to start IVs but can I do IV push meds, hang blood or meds? Or is it just RNs? I can't find anything online about it, if anyone knows about it please let me know. Thanks!
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    Call your BON and ask if you can't find anything.. In my state, they can start IV's but can not push meds through it.
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    In my state, only RN's can "push" meds, hang blood, give anything through central lines... you really need to know the scope of your practise, because you can get in trouble for doing anything outside your LPN license. Your State Board of Nursing is a good place to start, but also your employer should have policy/procedure for you to go by.
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    LPN's in NJ can start an iv and run fluids/hang meds. LPNs cannot administer IV push medications nor can they initiate a blood transfusion. Depending on the facility an RN might need to initiate IV antibiotic therapy (i.e. administer the first dose) and an LPN can administer the balance of the IV antibiotic doses.
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    Check your board of Nursing.
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    Question: You did not learn this information in your IV cert class???

    I know in California, we can not push meds, but can hang fluids and administer blood.
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    Ditto: check your nurse practice act. In MO, IV certified LPNs are not allowed to push meds or spike blood (though, oddly enough, they can do everything else with the transfusion, just not push the spike into the bag). Also, LPNs can't hang IVPBs to run for less than 30 minutes, or it's considered a push and outside the scope of practice).
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    UMDNJ offers a one day IV certification course and its for LPNs and RNs. Its pretty cheap its like 160 bucks.
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    UMDNJ offers IV certification. Classes usually run on saturdays. when you get certified they will tell you what you can and cannot do.