Is it me...or is it impossible to get an interview and a job in NJ! :( - page 4

Ive passed my boards, graduated in may from a well known school in NJ. Got a 3.5 gpa. with 3 years of big pharma experience. IS it just me or is it really this impossible to find a job? How are... Read More

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    Listen, I have been an ER nurse for 10 years with a CEN, great references and tons of travel experience and I can't get a job. I just do agency at this point . I have been told that I " job-hop" . Hello? That's what a travel nurse is SUPPOSED to do
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    I finally got a job on a Med-Surg floor.Hooray! It took 2 and a half year but I'm finally in.Don't give up people.
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    If you are still looking and really willing to move, check out northern Virginia/Maryland. I lived in North NJ and got nothing after graduation from 2009-2011. My husband's job moved us to northern VA and I had a job (as a new grad) right over the boarder in MD within a month of moving. Also VA and MD are compact states so its a good license to have. My hospital there hired new grads all the time. Much better market there and much more open to new grads. If moving is really an option, this may work. Good Luck!
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    Where did you find a job? I am looking now.
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    I eventually did move out of NJ and got wonderful experience at a trauma 1 hospital . Now NJ hospitals are calling me almost daily LOL funny how things work out. I definitely suggest doing something out of state. A few of my classmates have stayed in NJ and ended up in smaller hospitals or bigger hospitals with stressful jobs on a med surge floor taking6-8 pts which is unsafe. Stay positive, apply apply and apply

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