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I give up! - page 4

I live in ocean county and can not find a job anywhere at all. I have applied at every single kind of healthcare facility imaginable and I put applications in every day and also to the same places... Read More

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    2fly I sent you an email
    NMlpn2rn do you live in Ocean County?

    I just turned down a job with Advanced Pro Home Care in Brick.
    It's easier getting a job a job with an agency before working for a rehab.
    I got lucky and my first job was in a rehab. It's not an easy job. I work with TBI, and DDD, and spinal cord injuries.
    One of the agencies I work for has enough LPN's.
    Tomorrow is my orientation for the 2nd agency so when I go there tomorrow I'll ask if their looking to hire any additional nurses.
    Someone that I graduated nursing school with just got hired with an agency in Whiting.
    Good luck, I know how much frustration I went through when looking for my first job, but once you start working, it's easier to find work.
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    Yes I do
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    Home Care in Manahawkin has a sign out front for hiring LPN's.
    Wound Care, hospice, meds admin, etc.
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    Quote from donna67
    Home Care in Manahawkin has a sign out front for hiring LPN's.
    Wound Care, hospice, meds admin, etc.
    Where in Manahawkin is that? Is it just called home care? Is it ” right at home” that's located above the mrs.walkers ice cream shop? Thanks for the heads up!
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    Not even nursing homes or home care? That is suprising. My brother has cerebral palsy and gets home care nursing and all of his nurses are LPNS
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    Once you get your foot in the door of lpn work many new doors open. This is what I have experienced anyway. Good luck to you all