Humc salaries?

  1. I am going to be moving to New Jersey and am very interested in working at Hackensack medical center as an Rn. I was just wondering if anyone had an insight as to how much they pay? I have seven years of experience and am just trying to figure out what some reasonable expectations may be. thank you to anyone who may have some info or other resources they could refer me too....or even any info about Jersey nursing in general. thank you!
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  3. by   MomRN0913
    [font=times]probably one of the best in nj from what i heard. the pay they were offering when i was out of school in 2006 as a new grad was 72k nights, 68k days if i remember correctly. i worked at a smaller community hospital in nj and worked with a few nurses who come from their icu and they said the pay was good, but wasn't worth the stress.

    look into the barnabas system too, that's where i come from although no there anymore, but i had a great experience working there.
    good luck, welcome to nj

  4. by   Ismael BSN
    Hi, how u doin guys

    I heard more than once ,,that NJ IS NICE PLACE FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO :heartbeat
  5. by   ajbarr01
    Thank you so much for your input! It helps.....I just want to know what to expect, what is fair, and what is reasonable........I'm nervous about moving and hope I love new jersey!
  6. by   ajbarr01
    I've heard good things about Barnabas too but i'll being living in Riverdale and I think that drive might be a little far......
  7. by   koukla0904
    If your in Riverdale, check out Chilton Memorial, I personally like that hospital. St.Josephs and Valley may also be a good option for you as well. Good luck and welcome to NJ!
  8. by   kcmylorn
    Those salaries may look good but NJ is one the the most expensive places to live. Lok at the stats on NJ- they are always on the most expensive, bankrupt states, worst place to retire, worst place to live list. TAXES- look at the property taxes, 7% sales tax, The state is or almost bankrupt. Alot of the industry that was in NJ has moved out. Very high unemployment rate. Higher than the national average. And NJ's Healthcare industry likes it that way. Just ask the president of the New Jersey Hospital Association, No jobs for NJ's new Grads or seasoned nurses over 50yr old, His hospital was caught frauding medicare and he blamed it on the consulting firm HE hired, and nothing ever happened to him.'Teflon coated'. Taking lessons from the NJ Mob Bosses, which NJ is full of.

    Hackensack is an approx 15 min drive to NYC, another very expensive place to live. Look at the NJ food prices, housing prices. Look at the rent, look at the crime. In a lot of places in NJ, it's safer to walk the streets of NYC than NJ. NJ sucks to live in. NJ is not the place to retire in either. NJ residents are getting out when they have their first chance. The people are nasty, the healthcare employers are even nastier- not to mention unlawful and dishonest. Again 'Lil Nicky Scarfo University" Joe Merlino College of Business.

    California is more expensive to live than NJ but not by much- at least California has better weather.
  9. by   mamaxmaria
    I currently work at HUMC as a tech and one of the RN's said she makes around 35/hr... night/weekend diff is $4. Apparently HUMC looks great on a resume but I have heard the great pay referred to as "battle pay"

    Another RN (2 or 3 years exp) claims she was offered a job at another facility without an interview simply because she "survived hackensack"

    People drive upwards of an hour just to come here ( even the emergency room )... it's a well known well respected hospital, and they demand perfection. The money is great but you definitely earn it.

    It's seems to me the idea is if you can work hackensack without being fired.... you can probably work anywhere....

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