hesi a2 biology and chemistry?

  1. 0 It's been awhile since I've taken a bio and chem class (more than 5 years ago). I am taking the hesi this wednesday and I need to take the chem and bio. I only went over the hesi study guide, but I'm hearing there was nothing on the test that was in the study guide. I am so worried because I need to do well. Can anyone give me hints or feedback on what I should concentrate on? thank you.
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    i was really hoping that somebody replied to your post bc i need to take the biology section and am not sure how in depth to study. i also have that study guide and its very vague. any advice??
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    It has been 33 years since I had bio and chem. I'm currently taking microbiology and have had anatomy and physiology 1 and 2. I briefly studied the HESI study guide and scored a 92 on both Bio and Chem. I am a good test taker and only did a read through of each subject in the book. Learn what is in the books and maybe delve into the topics a bit on your own (if only to wikipedia level, lol) and you should do fine.
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    Hello! I am about to take my hesi a2, how hard was the bio?! I really don't know how in depth to study... for like DNA and ATP?

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