Hackensack Interview Question!!!

  1. Hey all.....

    Had an interview Hackensack on Monday for a PCT position in the ER.... I had to first talk to a recruiter and then she sent me to talk to the ER manager, and then the ER manager sent me to talk to a nurse and a tech as peer interviews.
    The manager asked when I could start, but said he couldnt offer me the job, human resources has too....

    How long should I wait to call the recruiter if they dont call me? a week? Although I already work as a PCT in another hospital, this was my first REAL interview ever so I'm nervous....:-\

    Also if anyone currently works in there and can tell me what they think it would be great....I have heard it's really hard and they work you to death...at least thats from a nursing standpoint.... so if the nurses are worked to death I can only imagine how the techs work!
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  3. by   alphil
    maria , if I want a job at hackensack do I need to call the recruiter first ???
  4. by   mamaxmaria
    i think you should put in an application online, and then wait for them to call you. I got a call 3 months after putting in an application!
  5. by   Phoenixbyrd
    Maria, how does a person become a hospital tech? Should I have a CNA or patient care technician's certificate first?
  6. by   zorro_wrangler
    Hi...were you successful in gettin a job there?
  7. by   mamaxmaria
    Yes I have been here for a little over a year now :-)
  8. by   zorro_wrangler
    haha..okay. Sorry just realized this was posted a while ago.
  9. by   SweetDream
    Does it have to say per diem for a per diem job or is it the same application? How was your job there?

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