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Hi everyone! Thought I could start this thread for anyone that is applying to the GCC Nursing Program this spring? I'm just getting my portfolio organized and prepared. I have to take the HESI one... Read More

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    Hey everyone, I was hoping to ask this class for some advice. I was just recently accepted to both gloucester county nursing as well as the nursing program at our lady of lourdes...I was hoping to get some advice so I can make the decision in regards to the direction I should take. I've heard many horror stories from students who attended gloucester county...they range from students complaining that they don't feel like they are adequetly being taught their clinical skills to students who state that many students drop or are let go from the program because the standards/expectations are unreasonable. I was hoping that as current students, some of you could shed some light on these issues. Are these disgruntled former students, or are any of these stories true? Thanks!

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    I guess my response would be that roughly 50% dropped out/failed out of the first semester. The pace is grueling. I am an excellent student and I feel overwhelmed most of the time. But I disagree about what we learn. I have my own personal high standards and I've learned a tremendous amount and enjoy our clinicals thoroughly. I've also both liked and learned from each of my instructors.

    This program is not for the faint of heart, in my opinion. But if you dedicate yourself, you can do it!
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    Momtofore, thanks so much for your feedback...I guess I am just nervous, but I suppose that is normal. I had a couple more questions though, in your opinion, what is the ideal schedule I should try to pick for the fall semester. Also, where have your clinicals been so far?
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    It looks like class is only on Monday this year, so that alleviates any choice there. Are you a morning person? The other thing is that there is no lab on class day, so you don't need to choose whether or not to do lab and class on the same day. So it's really just a matter of which day you want to have clinical on. I think the biggest decision is whether to have your classes grouped closely together or spread apart. How do you like to organize your life? Would you like 3 or 4 days in a row off, or do you want a day or two off in between? Do you need to get in a study rhythm by going days in a row, or break up your reading and paperwork days with school in between? I don't see any advantage academically to either one other than choosing according to how you'd personally perform best!
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    Hi Momtofore! I'm also another recently accepted person for the fall. I was just wondering if you had to take other classes along with nursing 1, nursing 1 lab, and clincial? I have my bachelor's so the first semester I only have to take nursing 1, nursing 1 lab, and clinical..i'm done everything else. I read that you said the pace is grueling and i'm wondering how many classes you are taking on top of the nursing ones. I know that it will still be hard but I feel like it may benefit me personally that I don't have to take any other classes. Let me know and any other advice is welcome! Thank you!
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    I've taken no other classes, thank goodness! I also quit my one day a week job. There are many students who work though. I will offer this...I am a slow and thorough reader. Those who read faster aren't tasked the way I am, but it still takes a lot of hours. I've never really had to study beyond simply reading the work so studying was new. I personally find NONE of the information difficult. There is just a lot of it, lol, and I am pretty obsessed with reading all of it. I'm doing well enough though because my only job is studying now.

    I think it's important to be realistic about the amount of work that is involved with nursing school. Read through other threads here and you will see a recurrent theme.

    How fast can you read your science textbooks? That's the type of reading you'll be doing.

    I highly recommend the Fundamentals Success book as do many on this site. Practice, practice, practice testing yourself on the content (which you won't know, but can learn through the questions) and question style and rationales.
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    Here is a thread explaining the changes nursing school will likely make in your life. Believe it!
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    30 things I 've learned in nursing school
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    double post
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    It's upon us, gang. Are we ready??

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