Essex Cnty LPN program

  1. Hi,
    Has anyone attended the LPN program at Essex Cnty College? I understand it is an 18 mo. program part=time.
    Currently I am a pre-nursing student at PCCC but I am considering going for my LPN first and then bridging to RN, for a few reasons, and I am searching for a good program in the area.
    Any info would be helpful!
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  3. by   MsAsia322
    I would consider considering another school. I just did my prereqs there for a year to get into a nursing program, and their whole nursing dept is really really unorganized..
  4. by   denise0815
    I am disappointed to hear that....I was hoping it would work for me.
    I have been trying to get through to speak with someone over the phone, but I cant !!
    I would like to know if the LPN program is offered at the West Caldwell campus because it is close to my current job, but I can not reach anyone..very frustrating, I guess I will have to drive there and find
  5. by   MsAsia322
    yea definitely drive out there. the semester just ended so i guess ppl are tied up? i dont know. but check west caldwell. b/c ECC is really disorganized, so much so that it wasnt even an option for me anymore.
  6. by   denise0815
    thanks for the info....good luck at the new school!!! where did you transfer to?
  7. by   MsAsia322
    im transferring to Mountainside Hospital school of Nursing. its an RN program
  8. by   Lovelymo79
    I don't know about the LPN program but I heard the RN program is one of the best CC schools in the state.

    But, like MsAsia said..VERY unorganized! I had to go in (before I started doing my pre-reqs there) just to get an answer.

    But also like MsAsia..I'm going to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing!!!!

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