East Orange General Hospital,new grads

  1. East Orange General is working hard to revamp. They are under new management. I recently took a job as a new grad and the experience is much better than I envisioned it to be. The starting pay is that of most hospitals for new grads. 26/hrly day, 28.60 evening and 29.80 nights.
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  3. by   MomRN0913
    in NJ? I know they lost a lot of seasoned nurses recently. Guess that leaves more room for the new grads!
  4. by   missE
    The staff positions all say 2 years experience
  5. by   nur18
    Hi ToyaRN11
    I went to east orange general open house and was told they only hire bsn.
    Just want to know what degree do you have
  6. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    Yes in NJ. I believe they filled up all of their positions at this point. they are working to become a magnet hospital so they have to have a certain amount of BSN nurses as any other hospital does. THey will hire Associate degree nurses, just as any other hospital...vaguely... so just like most other hospitals require BSN, they just started requiring BSN.
  7. by   ibrn2010
    Are you currently still employed there? I have an interview soon and would like some insight on how it is to work there.
  8. by   Rutgers-RN
    Hey ibrn2010, when did you apply? I've applied there for 3 different positions in the past month and haven't heard anything. I have 4 months hospital experience, but the past year have been in ltc/subacute. Are you a new grad? Looking to get back into acute care asap. Ughhh sometimes my patience isn't built for this.
  9. by   ibrn2010
    I applied about two weeks before they called me. I dont know if I'm still considered a new grad...I have over 1 year hospital experience

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