Correctional Nursing - can any one tell me about it

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    can anyone on this forum tell me about NJ correctional nursing. How do they train you, what are your responsibilities, how safe it is, How do they keep you safe with the inmates and so forth. Where do you work, and any additional infor would be extremely helpful I'm having no luck finding a job through the conventional areas of nursing.......

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    I can't tell you for certain about NJ Corrections, but I have 10 years recent experience in the Philadelphia Prison System, which, while it is a jail (county) rather than a prison (state), still has some of the major issues that any NJ facility would be likely to have, because the total iunmate census ran from 9-10 thousand, including about 900 females.

    The first thing to assure you of is that you will generally be safe. The inmates are monitored at all times, especially in state prisons, and attacks on non-security staff are rare--mostly because they know you are there to help them. Depending on the level of security, you might never be allowed to be alone with an inmate. In my 10 years @ PPS, I only ever felt in danger when I had to deal with a few psychopaths who were very unpredictable. I was the psych nurse on the night shift, and sometimes it was difficult to change gears so quickly from desk work to dealing with psych emergencies.

    There is so much information I can give you, I suggest you email me off the list @ and I can give you my phone number if you want to discuss it.

    Are you anywhere near Philadelphia that you could commute here? The prison system is almost always hiring, and I can give you lots of pointers about how the system works.

    Good luck, anyways. I found correctional nursing very intersting and rewarding.
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    I started in corrections right out of school. They gave me great training and as a young female in a male facility I feel safer than I do in the hospital.
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    Hey guys i've been a lpn for 2 1/2 years , October 2010 I got my RN been working in critical care stepdown unit here in Houston , I've decided to move New Jersey in the next 6 months to be with my fiance and start my life up there , I dont want to jump into the Hospital setting anytime soon and I was thinking about working in the correctional facilties, any suggestions on how to get hired, ) , anything will help this TEXAN , thanksss
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    I can only speak for Philadelphia, which is within commuting distance of Souther NJ, The prison system here has an almost revolving door of staff coming and going (some people get "better" jobs, some just can't take corrections). Two companies contract out services for the prison, 1 for medical and 1 for psych. I have worked for both of them, and if you can put up with a little BS, it's not so bad. You''l have way more problems from your co-workers (above and below) than you'll ever have from the inmates.

    Email me if you want further details.

    Dave Dunn, RN
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    thanks dun i'll be sure to e-mail you in the future ))
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    Thanks, I wish I was closer to PA, I'm over on the coast so commuting into PA would be tough. I applied to several positions through UMDNJ, lets see if anything comes of it....
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    Try homecare agency;alot of the patients are longtime and when you do get hire make sure you have two cases.
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    Worked in a state prison for 6 months. Got along better with the inmates than I did with the staff. The inmates treat you with respect for most part. They know that you are not there to judge them. Safety was never an issue. Basically passed meds. Easy, boring.
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    hey dragon have u heard anything from umdnj , i'm thinking about applying as well , are they even hiring ( i'm from texas so i have no idea about anything in north jersey lol ) will be moving to north jersey at the end of this yr

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