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I was hoping if anyone went to Center of Allied Health and Nursing Education in Hackensack, NJ and if so I need to know about the Exit Exam. I failed the exit exam just took a few days ago with an... Read More

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    Hi, I'm going to ask about the pass rate and exit exam as well. Can you give me an idea of what's on the exit exam and why it is so difficult? Thanks
    Ask them for the number of people who pass exit after completing the program. Have them tell you how many Nov 2009, Dec 2009 and March 2010 people passed the exit. When i went to the school they told us that they had more than 90 percent pass rate on NCLEX which could be true but thats because people cant get out of that school and pass exit so they never end up taking the NCLEX. They give HESI and ATI exit exams. Now they are using the ATI books to teach from but its the first year thats its done. I bought my own ATI books and Questions from the ATI website and studied on my own to pass the exit. I did not feel like the school prepared me for the test at all. I hate that people wont tell others what they are going through. I looked for info on Allied Health and Education and did not find anything. But when i was there there were complaints made to board of nursing. This school made changed on us weekly. Grading was one of those changes. For example they took the 5% participation off in the middle of the school out of no where. Another example was that added another test and that trew off the grading scale yet again. Then they decided to make the final worth more and take away the 5% quizes. But thats just a few examples and there where many many more.
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    How was the clinical sites and the clinical instructors? And do they let you do the thing's you learned in class?
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    Hey, thanks for all the info JS, and good luck on the NCLEX!
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    Quote from supersage
    Hey, thanks for all the info JS, and good luck on the NCLEX!
    I passed nclex on the 1st try with 85 questions. I am soo happy but now i need a job. LOL
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    Congratulations that is a great accomplishment can't wait tone saying the same!!! I New Jersey don't show new nurses luv but they do over there in the city do u know if that's true not sure. Again Congrats Good Luck!!!
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    You said you studied from the ATI book what does that stand for and what website did you go to?
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    Thankl you, You dont need to buy the books because they teach from those books now
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    I personally would not attend ANY nursing program that has an exit exam. I don't feel comfortable allowing 1 exam to determine my entire fate. My mother is a highly experienced RN and when I told her about how many schools have exit exams, she had no idea what I was talking about since she never had to take one. But good luck!
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    [font=book antiqua]hi. i'm taking the entrance exam for center of allied health and nursing education tomorrow morning. *don't ask me why i'm still awake* i have read several mixed reviews of the school. i'm looking for someone to be totally honest. if you failed and you're bitter, you need not respond. i personally don't mind the exit exam. if you work hard and study, you should pass. i've read that it's actually harder than the nclex and if that's the case, the school really wants you to pass. i checked out lincoln tech's lpn program in paramus and actually enrolled but heard terrible reviews from students afterward. students i spoke to there actually told me to find another program while i still can and cancel my enrollment before school starts and they take my financial aid. apparently they are very money hungry. i've even caught the admissions office in lies. they took shots at center for allied health and nursing. i have about 2-3 weeks to figure this out and make a decision. can anyone from either school shed some light on my situation? i need help!
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    I just started the class and getting through my first but the teachers I have are nice. So far so good still early though and Lincoln Tech is a no no I talk to the students to didn't hear good things either. A lot of students applied there and didn't start. Hope that helped!

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