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  1. So, this is my first time on this site to let me feelings known. I just finished the course for my lpn. I took the first exit exam, and failed miserably due to the people that were constantly in and out of the room. I thought it was suppose to be very quiet, as if we were doing the nclex. I had one particular lady constantly knocking into my chair and making noise in back of me. She wasn't a student, but one of the staff members. I am known for passing all ATI's that were given to me through out my schooling, and at that, with good scores, with the acception of pharm. Now, I have to go and take my second test next month. After graduation. I'm upset with the school for not having a nurse (teacher) in the class with the students. Instead, we had the office help in there with no consideration for us students taking this hard test. I hope that someone important from that school reads this, and has some consideration for the students taking their exit exam. The noise and constant people walking through the room will stop and give us students a chance to be what we worked so hard to be...... NURSES!!!!!

    I also want to mention that there are four teachers that I would love for the school to recognize for their hard work and constant support to the students. ********************** I couldn't get through this all without these particular teachers. I really got the concept, and the critical thinking down pack with the knowledge that they gave me. I'm not trying to plug anyone to give them something they don't deserve, but these women are extraordinary nurses. I find that the school is very lucky to have them on the faculty. Just when I was going to give up, Ms. ****** pushed me to work harder. When I thought I just didn't get the concept, Ms. ******* force fed me it. Ms. ****** made the me understand with her words, and made it easy to embrace. Ms. ****** gave me a second chance to redeem myself, and the things I didn't understand the first time, she opened up my mind, and made me feel as if I'm not a failure for having to repeat. Give them women the recognition that is owed to them for everything and they have taught, and all that they have given.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I certainly hope that you brought your concerns to the school and that they will provide a reasonable testing situation next time around.
  4. by   cheronne
    I have brought it to the attention of someone at the school. I am concerned that when it is time to go and take my exit exam, it will be the same. I really hope that by next month this is fixed. Is it even possible for the exit exam to be given in the evening. It is so quiet in the evening and being that I was an evening student, it will be a better turn out for the students that have to return to take this exam. It was the evening students that have to repeat the exit exam. I take my exam next month, and I hope that there can be a change by then. Please take that into consideration.
  5. by   muneca13
    Hi I am going into my second semester at cannj and so far it has been a very good experience...I'm sorry that you are having a bad experience with your exit especially that I know you have worked so hard. I have had the pleasure of working with the director in the night she was actually my clinical instructor and definetly reccomend that you talk to her. She is very open minded and there for the student. I recently took the ATI test which we needed to get and 80 on though it was quiet, you have the students who don't know the computer sytem and ask 20 million questions which make it an uneasy enviorment to take the test..especially when the instructor is asking you to get up so that she can get to the other student! So i do hear your pain...but unless you make it known how are they supposed to know where you are having trouble..I'm sure despite what bothered you there where people that passed...My thing is don't just tell one person what the issue but make it know to everyone...sorry this post was so long...good luck!
  6. by   cheronne
    I did speak to her. She's th reason why I finished school and didn't give up. I'm posting it her in this forum so that those higher ups in the school can see it and do something. I've spoken about my issue and so did the others from my class that took the test. Whether they passed the exit or failed it have said the samething. Consideration is all that is being asked for. Again, I've done well with my ati testing, and I didn't think it was hard to pass the exit, but I was so thrown off by ppl just making noise just because. I'm hopeful that this will be fixed and that I and the others that are going to take their exam will have the peace and quiet to concentrate and ace this exam so that we an move on and take the nclex with the knowledge and confidence the instructors gave us.
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  8. by   supersage

    I'm in the program and I've been regretting this school since the end of the first trimester. I can't wait to leave...I'm sick of the lies and the cheating. I would never recommend this school and I hope anyone who reads this understands what is going on.

    Good luck to all who are here...
  9. by   cheronne
    I didn't have a bead experience at all until now. Very unorganized when setting up for the students to take the exit. I'm studying my backside off and I hope it pays off when I take it next month. Ill be so lucky if its quiet the way its suppose to be. Rome wasn't built in two weeks, so I probably will have to bring in ear plugs and really be on my game this time around. By the way...... never sit next to the door. Respect isn't given from those that just like to walk thru back and forth for no reason.
  10. by   supersage
    Ok, thanks for the info. I think you will be fine because now you know what to expect.

    Btw, the ear plugs are a great idea.
  11. by   Colette Gargiulo
    Hello Cheronne,
    My name is Colette Gargiulo. I am the Campus Director for The Center for Allied Health & Nursing Education in Hackensack, N.J. Thank you for your post to this forum. I am aware of the situation and am sorry for the experience. Since that time we have revised our policy to ensure that the environment is conducive to testing. We, at the Center, are dedicated to our students and value feedback so that we can continue to improve our program.

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