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With all the New Jersey folks on this page, I'm really surprised that there's no thread for BCIT LPN students... So... I figured I'd start one...:D I'm going to be attendting BCIT's... Read More

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    Thats cool. Im not too far from there. How long have you been an emt and lived in Bordentown? I know a few people from there. Whats your name?
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    iv lived here for 25 yrs il be 26 next week i have been a member at my station for 6 years now ive have my emt since 1/29/2004 thats my inital cert date you can [PM Member] if you would like
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    I'm very curious can someone help answer me on what the entrance exam was like? i bought one of the books they recommend and im lost already so can someone explain what the entrance test was like
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    Hey EMS Chick,

    I wouldn't worry too much about the entrance exam. To me it was mostly basic high school stuff. For example in the reading section you had to read a passage and answer some questions. I didn't find the material too dificult. Try visiting a few GED prep websites to brush up on some stuff that you might have forgotten, but overall I wouldn't fret too much.
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    :smackingf i took the test and i flunked! please take a look at my thread titled, "bcit test". please!
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    hi there! this message is for those who have already been in the program since feb. 2009. i am currently looking into the evening lpn program at bcit and am extremely excited at the prospect, however, i have several reservations and am hoping that you gals can help how much homework is a lot (say, in a manner of hours?), how many saturdays do you have to attend?, and most importantly, what is the attendance policy? i have three kids (15 1/2, 12, and 1 yr), my husband will be home with them but am worried about emergencies!! i haven't even taken the entrance exam yet, because i'm fretful of the commitment, but am soooooo eager to start!!
    thanks again
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    I am in the day class but I am pretty sure that the attendance requirements are the same. You get exactly 8 days. Even a lateness after that and you will be automatically kicked out of the program. They are very strict about the attendance policy. As for homework, like I said b/f I'm in the day class so it may be different, but we don't get much homework. It really is no time to get it done if we did. We have 1-2 tests every day. Some days maybe even 3 tests. It is a lot of work. But myself and many of my other class mates are married/single with kids and we are all making it work. Short term sacrifice for a long term gain.
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    hi, im looking to start going to BCIT for the 2011 night class, how do you like it so far? when and where are ur clinicals? how did you pay for it since they don't let you use financial aid??? thanks!