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bergen regional hospital

  1. 0 Does anyone can give any info about bergen regiohal hospital? esp. starting salary,atmosphere,etc. Thank you.
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    I heard that the salary starts around $30 an hour....was wondering if you applied and got a call back from them? I applied a few weeks ago and heard nothing yet
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    I haven't applied yet. If I make it, I'll let you know. Thank you for your answer!
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    Ok let me know!
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    hey quick question,, on their career board for LPN's it says that a completion of Progressive Care Orientation Program is required. Is this something that they offer, or do u have to find and take the course on your own? i googled it but most of the sites look like hospital sites talking about their own personal training. then there was which looks a little shady and costs a little less than $200.. im willing to find and take a course if it will help me get hired/further my career,, but times are hard and there is no need to spend money unnecessarily....
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    ur best bet is probably to call over there and ask , before u shell out all that $$
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    I worked there a couple of years ago as a temp and got to work a little on every unit, all in all it is pretty good place to be a nurse. A. it's union. B. it's union. As you are probably aware it is primarily psych, with only a one medical unit, small ICU and a forensic unit. The patient acuity is really quite low. The administration has a hx of instability. A weird aspect that is hard to describe is that it has a long culture of being a "county hospital" but is now for profit and privately run.