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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   gbayck9
    It's just my luck that it would fall during my vacation. But, like you said...only a day. The date is on the bottom of the green sheet. It's June 10th. It only says save the date...the time hasn't been announced yet.
  2. by   rnhopeful1
    DOes the package say when we have to have our decision to enroll in by?
  3. by   AlyssaG
    May 4th
  4. by   rnhopeful1
    Thank You Alyssa, I am hoping some people say no and that they open some seats up. I hope it is true that if they do they send out notices to those that got initially denied...
  5. by   jimmygnecco
    @gbayk9 when you get the details about the CPR class, could you fill me in? It would help out so much and I would appreciate it do much! Let me know. Thank you
  6. by   Elfie2012
    Less also has CPR classes for healthcare professionals by the American Heart association in the area. I took my class last Sunday at Holy Name 8-12, was painless.
  7. by   gbayck9
    @jimmy, PM me your email address and I will let you know. We are planning for once the semester ends.
  8. by   Rory92
    Has anyone signed up for insurance yet?
  9. by   krissy3
    Hi everyone!

    I am just wrapping up level 1 and have some advice for those entering the program (you can take it or leave it, but this is advice I wish I'd had before starting the program!):

    - Invest in a good stethoscope; it's worth the extra $30-$40. You can't hear delicate heart and lung sounds with a cheap one. When you're at the hospital it'll remain with you at all times so there is minimal risk of losing it or having it stolen. Check out the Littman stethoscopes online or at Life Uniforms on Rt 4 in Paramus.

    - Take the summer to read ahead!!!!! Trust me, keeping up with the reading is by far the toughest part of nursing school(you will be reading your textbooks cover to cover basically)

    - Do not let yourself get behind in class. If you're a crammer, you'll need to learn new study habits. If you fall behind, it's almost impossible to catch up because every week brings more and more work. If you keep up and read a little bit every day, you won't become overwhelmed.

    - Review some of your A&P. You will be expected to know a lot of the things you have probably already forgotten. A lot of Physical Assessment is a review of anatomy.

    -Buy a really good Nursing Care Plan book (they don't list it as a "must have" book when you start the program, but you WILL need one!)

    - Save your money on the Basic Dosage Calculations book that they want you to buy. It was waste of money since all of the information in the book is listed in your Pharm book.

    - Buy a pocket-sized me, you don't want to carry a full-sized clipboard with you all day at the hospital. We all ended up buying this one: Anodized Clipboards . You can choose whatever color you want and the best part is that it fits perfectly into Bergen's uniform pockets. It will make walking into/out of patients' rooms way easier!

    -Buy Fundamentals for Success (not on your list of required readings, although it should be) and begin reviewing it this summer. You will need to learn HOW to answer questions on the exams because they're way different than questions you're used to answering which is why A students become C students in the program. They require critical thinking which is a learned skill. My advice: learn how to answer NCLEX style questions while you have the summer off!

    - When you walk into orientation, know that whoever you're sitting next to will most likely be the people you team up with in the program so choose wisely hehe. It's shocking how fast you'll make new friends; this whole process is a bonding experience for sure..

    - Don't listen to the negative chatter from those in upper levels (you'll hear a lot of talk about the dropout rates, failure rates, etc)... just do the best you can do and you will get through it!

    - The program is really tough, just know that going into it. Be prepared to spend many, many hours outside of classroom time. Prepare your famillies, your jobs, etc in advance by letting them know that you will need their understanding and support..

    - Record class lectures or take really good notes because the tests usually include exactly what is discussed in class

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  10. by   eileen17a
    RNHopeful... Just wanted to let you know that they do offer additional seats when people do not accept. I know this because I was one of them. I was so upset when I got my letter telling me that I didn't get in and then a few weeks later I got the letter that said seats opened up and they were able to offer me acceptance into the program. Good luck and all the best!! I'm just finishing up level 2 right now and am loving it.
  11. by   ukgirl7655
    Hello everyone!

    As a level 4 student about to graduate in 2 weeks (YAY!!!!!!!), I just wanted to say that I agree with just about everything Krissy3 just said!!

    Congrats to all who were accepted this time and to those who weren't -- KEEP at it!! You'll get there!!!

    Good luck everyone!!
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  12. by   krissy3
    CONGRATS!!!! How were levels 2, 3, and 4??
  13. by   sunny_h
    Which professors do you recommend for level nursing 1?? Who to get and who to avoid?!

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