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Bayada nursing interview

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    I have an interview with Bayada nursing agency and they mentioned on the phone that part of the interview was a quiz that you do then they review it with you. Has anyone done this quiz with Bayada is it a nursing quiz checking your nursing knowledge? Is there any areas I should text book brush up on for this quiz?
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    I interviewed with Bayada a few years ago. The test is really a formality and is very basic......some med questions and iv rate questions, very dated!
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    Did you take the test? Can you please share your experience? I am thinking of applying at Bayada too...
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    I took a test at Bayada last year. It was extraordinarily straightforward. There is nothing to study. It could have changed.

    My take away was it was a quick check of how well you read instructions, whether you answer legibly, and if you are clueful about handling situations differently in the home versus in a facility. Perhaps it was to unmask anxiety or lack of confidence.

    Bayada was the most thorough, polite, and organized hiring process I've ever experienced in or out of health care. They checked everything.

    Apply! The best I can tell was if you hit a disqualifier they'll indicate it to you, or tell you where you are lacking. Maybe not quite that specific, but at the least you'll be encouraged to return later with x years of experience in y and training in z.

    Good people.
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    Thank you for the positive words. I'll give it a try....
    Did you end up working for them?
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    I have worked for Bayada nurses for almost 16 years, I found thier test to be just as a previous writer said, what would you do in a certain situation. I have had to take that test multiple times throughout my employment as I worked for various offices, each time, the nurse that reviewed the test, was happy to review the results and they were up for discusion if they were wrong according to their answer key. The medication test is simple. Read the directions reread the question and cross multiply.
    I found Bayada to be very supportive when I had clinical questions when out in the field. One piece of advice, if you have a question about care issues call your nursing supervisor, anytime, day or night, your excellent, caring, reliable and skilled care depend on good judgement every time.
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    i just had an interview at bayada today. the quiz wasnt that bad. about 55 questions, all mult choice. variety of general nursing questions. about 10 med questions. basic stuff like nursing process ie what should the nurse do if her diabetic pt feels dizzy and is sweating? if you can pass boards this is cake! i only got 2 wrong (and im a terrible test taker!) and they came and reviewed with me, its basic knowledge to see how much you know. other than that they were very friendly and it was a nice interview. good luck
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    Turtle08, I to have an interview with Bayada on tuesday and am clueless of the quiz plus she did mention skills check off. Has anyone had to do them and if so what are they like and should I brush up on certain skills ? Thank You for any and all help !!!
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    the quiz was no biggy. nothing you can really study. all basic nursing questions. most with scenarios and all mult. choice. i just did the intro to pedi course and the test was easy for that too. they seem very casual but professional at bayada. you should have nothing to worry about. they want you to work fo rthem so they want you to pass.
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    Thank You so much. I have worked in Home Health and did 2yrs of my nurse externship in the NICU. I loved Home Health and loved the fact that you have time to teach and get to know your patients !! Thanks
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    How did you contact Bayada to submit an employment application? When I go to their website, all I see are the home health (vents, trachs, etc.) jobs, nothing saying new grads OK. Thanks!
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    Did you try calling the company directly?
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    Go to the local Bayada office and apply in person.....Good Luck!