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How long does it take to get the authorization to test from pearson vue? School sent the transcripts 2 weeks ago and I have already registered with the BON and pearson vue, fingerprinting is complete and background check done.... Read More

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    I just sent my application 2 weeks ago. and i haven't received my fingerprinting scheduling info from BON my school sent my letter of completion this week. While waiting for the fingerprinting and the BON to receive letter of completion, can I still register at Pearsonvue and pay the other $200???

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    You can register with Pearson Vue when every you are ready. You just cannot schedule your test
    date until they send you your ATT.
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    Hi All!

    I have a question about receiving the ATT...I live in NJ, I graduated 2/11...School sent all paperwork and BON have received the application 5/11. Only thing that wasnt done was paying Pearson Vue. I had to clear up some past issues(SCHOOL BILL)
    before I was able to test anyway so thats why I chose to not pay until those issues were resolved(a lil tight on money).

    So my question is: I just paid Pearson Vue the $200, I registered my email.... now I would like to know how long it takes to receive my ATT?

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    my guess is fairly soon. less than 2 weeks. i'd call the BON just to update them that you just paid pearson vue. simple phone call always helps move things along. sometimes they say they'll contact pearson vue to notify them that everything is done on their end.

    ended up taking my boards twice due to failing the first time. each time i was waiting for my ATT, after a simple phone call to BON, i got my ATT in my email inbox within 2 days.

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