Any Rutgers students out there?

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    Hey all! I have been trying to find some info on Rutgers and I am having some trouble. I applied to the traditional program for second degree students and can't figure out how the program works. Anyone have any info? I don't have all of the pre-reqs done (they have way more than the other schools I applied to) and figure I will need to take yet another semester of pre-reqs in the fall before I am able to register for the acctual nursing classes. Do the classes start in the fall only? Or can I begin next spring after finishing my last pre-reqs? Or just any thoughts on the program? I also got into an accelerated program somewhere else but it is soooo expenisve that Rutgers is looking enticing!

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    I attended Rutgers and the nursing classes are only offered once a year. The classes only start in the Fall semester. They have a schedule of classes they every student needs to take each semester in order to progress in the program. This can be found on the nursing website.

    Hope this helps.
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    Could I talk to you?
    I am transferring to Rutgers college of Nursing at New Brunswick.
    I would like to ask you some questions
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    Sure, what would you like to know about the program?
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    Could I talk to you through e-mail?
    Thank you for your help.
    It is so nice to hear from someone who went to Rutgers. is my e-mail.
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    Sure, no problem. I sent you an email

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